Jon and Kate Plus 8

Season 5 Episode 15

Tea Party

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on TLC



  • Trivia

    • This episode was actually filmed before the last three episodes that aired this season, but its air date was pushed back. That would explain why it is June, and why Kate and the kids are vacationing at the beach house.

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    • Jon: When I was in New York, I got Mady and Cara two sets of earrings, and I got myself a set, but, uh, I got them because, uh, you know, sometimes they get overlooked, and I just wanted to get them something nice...Cara's been wearing them for a pretty long time now. She likes them, and Cara's like tomboyish, but not really. She likes outdoor things, she has a lot of guy friends and plays a lot of sports, but, um, she always has, like, long fingernails and dangly earrings and stuff like that, so it's kind of a good mix.

    • Kate: It was amazing. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous tea house on the water. The get anywhere off the island, you have to take a ferry, which is really neat, because with kids that age, that is part of the fun and the interest, with the exception of the paparazzi. Obviously, um, it's enough we have our own camera crew, but then if you have all these extraneous people, they're gonna get their shot, whether they have to follow you and hound you for it, or whether you just give it to them and they move on.

    • Kate: It is very important to do separate trips [with eight kids], and I would have to say there's a lot of reasons. In doing smaller trips, I can feel like, um, like a mom with three kids. Um, it's more manageable, and I can also use those smaller trips to choose something that would be most appropriate for that group. Obviously, you know, the serpentarium, um, everybody liked, but obviously, I would not have been able to take the little girls to a tea house, you know, with the boys. Could I have done it? Yeah, but really, how fun would that have been? The little girls, you know, going to a battleship. They would have gone, but it more allows me to hone in on what that group of kids wants to do. You know, it's a lot when you're one of eight. It's a whole lot different than being one of one, or one of three. Um, and I just, I don't want my kids to miss out on as much individual time as they possibly can. It's a very, very delicate balance to work, yet to provide that emotional stuff that they need just as much. It's very, very difficult. I am constantly torn a hundred different ways, so to take a day out like that [with the little girls] was very special.

    • Kate: (while making bracelets with the little girls) The best part for me was I decided to make Mady and Cara a bracelet, since they weren't there, and I decided to call them their 'world bracelets'. Anywhere in the world I am, um, they're always in my heart, and I will never leave them.

    • Kate: (about spending the day with her daughters) It was fun. It's fun to see all these experiences through their eyes. I didn't get to do a lot of this when I was a kid, so to turn around and, um, be able to do this with my kids is very, very valuable.

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