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  • Season 4 Episode 31: All You Wanted to Know

  • In this episode, Kate was asked what inspires her in life. She revealed that the parents of cancer-stricken kids are incredibly motivating to her, and Jon agreed.

  • Season 4 Episode 24: For Better or Worse

  • In this episode, Kate constantly repeated that she and Jon were always going to be together, and that this vow renewal was a way to communicate that to their children. Unfortunately, the Gosselins' marriage ended in divorce less than one year later.

  • It was mentioned in this episode that Jon and Kate really wanted to get married in Hawaii, but Kate's side of the family couldn't travel that far. In the end, they had their wedding in the United States, but Jon's extended family (who lived in Hawaii) could not be there. This wedding vow renewal was a way of paying tribute to Jon and Kate's original dream, and Jon's family (many of whom Kate had never met before) were able to be part of it.

  • In this episode, Jon revealed that he and Kate did not dance at their first wedding in June 1999. They made up for it at the reception after their renewal of vows.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Embarrassing & Favorite M...

  • Jon and Kate's Favorite Moments From Each of Their Kids:

    Cara: saying she didn't have a favorite brother or sister because she loved them all, and also, her reaction to baby Alexis pooping all over her crib
    Mady: leading the sextuplets in a clapping game at the table while they were still babies, and copying Cara when she said she loved all her siblings the same
    Alexis: saying "Hi Mommy!" over and over when Kate came back from getting her tummy tuck, and also putting her arm around Collin in one of the episodes
    Hannah: Saying good-bye over and over to her siblings before leaving the house
    Aaden: jumping on the bed and staring at the camera
    Collin: pulling all the other kids around in the wagon
    Leah: Saying "Hannah pooped in Hannah's underwears."
    Joel: Saying "I have a wiener. Daddies have wieners."

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Korean Dinner

  • It was mentioned in this episode that Jon has French, Welsch, and Korean roots. His father was a Caucasian man with French and Welsch in him, while his mother was Korean. Jon's family has such strong Hawaiian ties because his mother was born and raised there.

  • All of the Gosselin children are mostly Asian-looking, since that gene is famously dominant, but in this episode, the kids decided that sextuplet Alexis looked the least Asian.

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