Jon Benjamin Has A Van

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jun 29, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • 104: 7.5

    This one wasn't bad. Letting the sound guy get abducted was a clever bit, and the only time I've ever seen such a gag used, and probably for good reason. This is not one of those gags that many people will appreciate and people that tune in mid-show would be completely left out of the loop. The show continues to be very good, but still somehow falls just short of excellence. I'm glad that such creative bits are actually making it to the air, at least. Bonus points for the guy who started making up his own interview while waiting for Jon to say something.
  • 104

    I thought that Jon Benjamin did a good job in his sketches on Important Things with Demetri Martin and with little else to watch on Wednesday I decided to tune in. The show was alright, some of the sketches worked, some didn't, some jokes worked, some didn't. They had a running gag with their sound guy disappearing and then in a Joy Ride-esque plot, they were lured to a hotel to retrieve him. It was mildly clever, but ran a bit too long.

    The "Do You Have a Minute" parody of interviewers bothering people on the streets was clever, but I think this show could be stronger. It would work better as a simple, traditional sketch show.