Jon Benjamin Has A Van

Comedy Central Premiered Jan 01, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • I wasn't shocked to see the Absolutely brand at the end(production company behind Tim and Eric.) This has a more straight up feel to it, but is just as funny if not at times, even funnier. Jon Benjamin is brilliant. Best known for his voice work, he's also a guy who has written for some of the funnier shows and people(people he's far funnier than.) You may remember him as Coach McGuirk from Home Movies, Sterling Archer from Archer, and Bob from Bob's Burgers. He's also done some stand-up with frie


    Much like Tim and Eric, this won't be a show for everyone... its humor is insanely creative and offbeat. But it shouldn't be as polarizing as Tim and Eric, but who the hell am I? If I like it, I should get ready for backlash. At this point it has a rating of 2.9 which is absurd. I guess a lot of fans of Two and a Half Men saw the pilot before it was originally aired or just hate anything that's actually different. One sketch which definitely rocked was called "You can't shoot here" and it was about his team shooting where they were not allowed to shoot. While being brilliantly simple, it was still truly creative.

    I'd definitely recommend it to fans of Tim and Eric, Man Bites Dog, Wonder Showzen and obviously H. Jon Benjamin.

  • Love this show!


    Love this show! Most people know Jon Benjamins voice instead of his acting(Home Movies, Archer, Bobs Burgers, etc.) But this is his acting in a live action news sketch comedy show. The show follows Jon Benjamin traveling around in his van interviewing people. The show is a lot like Tim and Eric(who are executive producers) in a gross out comedy way with a warm ending. Comedy Central is in talks about canceling it(which unfortunately they probably will). Great show!

  • Jon Benjamin is a funny man, hopefully his show will be also.

    I'm having a hard time deciding where I stand on Jon Benjamin Has a Van, but I know it's definitely funny. Not VERY funny, but funny.

    Jon Benjamin has an off-beat style of comedy, and that shows through in his show.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be yet another one season and done comedian show from comedy central. The plus side is that Jon Benjamin will get an outlet for his creative energy, the downside being that he probably won't get another shot on Comedy Central.

    I'll enjoy this show for what it's worth, keep up with it here, and then look forward to the return of Bob's Burgers for more Jon Benjamin.