Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream

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Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream
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AIRED ON 5/31/2010

Season 2 : Episode 11

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Disney darlings Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas are the focus of a reality TV show about their life on tour as a platinum-selling pop/rock band. Get on the bus with the trio as they travel from town to town making music and friends, and having loads of fun.

    Jonas Brothers reality TV coming

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    • Pitiful

      This show is just plain dog-pitiful. I can't believe that even Disney Channel would have the guts to air this type of time-wasting nonsense. Three boys in an RV describing how they spent their days and weeks planning, preparing for, and actually performing in concerts does not a successful television franchise make. I can read the bios on wikipedia or read the magazines to find out where the Jonas Brothers came from. I can watch any station on television to find out what they're currently doing or what concert thry're planning. I can read the tabloids to find out what kind of girl they're interested in spending their time with. And I can ask any starstruck teenage girl at any given time to find out what the brothers are doing with their lives at that very second. Don't bother next time, Disney Channel.moreless
    • i think the only reason why this show is getting good reviews is becuz pre teen girls like the show and think the jonas bros are hot.

      really why do ppl like this show its stupid.

      just a bunch of nonsence i hate how disney is trying to shove this show down our throght the premise is stupid and the show is a descrace to telivision i have ever seen. the plot of this show is sooo uninresting and dull. i cant watch one full episode without exploding in to tears. ugh what has become of tv nowadays. it only appeals to preteen or teen girls anyway i said all i could. so this is weirdgamer and im leaving peace out oh and heres a filler the jonas bros r not rock n roll.

      there songs r about them going into there moments with there fan girls rock n roll isnt going into your romance moments there songs r pop not rock n rollmoreless
    • I didn't really like this show.

      I am not saying that the Jonas Brothers are bad, but I think that they get alot more hype than they really deserve. I didn't like this show because I didn't care about what they did on the road because the show seemed to make them seem like these super cool ammazing guys, but I don't think they are thosew things. I mean. sure, i like a couple of songs like WWIII and Burnin' Up, but all in all, I dont think they are that great of musicians. I dont want to make anyone mad by this review. I know that tons of little girls and teenage girls love this band, but I just don't. I do think that the show JONAS is better though. I think that Joe is really funn on that show.moreless
    • I like the idea of this show. I wish other singers and bands do something like this. I like seeing behind the scenes with them . They talk about their music and Frankie jonas is in this too.They are so cool and their cute.moreless

      I like the idea of this show. I wish other singers and bands do something like this. I like seeing behind the scenes with them . They talk about their music and Frankie Jonas is in this too.They are so cool and their cute.I get so excited when I see this, I always wanna see what the next episode is gonna be like and i really do hope they live their dream. This is a great idea for a show. I wished that they could make this show longer then five minutes because when its over i get so mad,and i have to wait till next episode.moreless
    • Well, this show is kinda informative...

      Okay, for me, I can't really like the Jonas Brothers. I really think their overrated. But this was one of the only reasons I care about them.

      Okay, this show is about how the Jonas Brothers live life in their rockin rock star egos. They cover topics from their little brother, Frankie, to school (well, Nick..), to diabetes. It may seem bland, but, go onto me.

      It's actually entertaining, for the fact that it is. Nick seems to be the only one I'm relating her...

      But, it's a good series, wheter your not a Jonas Bros. fan, or you are. It's enetertaing, informative, and, overall, it fits for a short series.moreless
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