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Season 1 Episode 18

Double Date

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on Disney Channel
Double Date
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Episode Summary

After Joe smugly informs her that she shouldn't be pushing Van Dyke away on his account, Stella agrees to Van Dyke's offer of an evening on the town. Nick's special cookies turn Kevin into a human cookie monster.

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  • luv it

    awsome i was so happy to find out that joe and stella are dating cause they would make a really really awsome couple i think they should go out in real life if they went out in real life i would scream cause they are a cute couple and on the show i was so shoked at the end when stella and joe kissed i was about to pass out and in the next episode i hope they are still dating cause they need to stay dating intil the show is cancled which i never think it will cause so many people watch the show they couldnt cancel it or kids would be devistatd that jonas has been canceled cause that is my favriote show on disney cannelmoreless
  • loved it

    i loved this episode because joe and stella finally get together joe is jealous of van dyke because stella agreed to go out with him so he shows up at el meat and double dates with maci stella comes over to tell joe off and they end up kissing

    nick makes amazing cookies which kevin can't get enough of so kevin tells nick in his sleep to make more cookies for him kevin eats all the cookies really fast and gets a sugar rush then he crashes and wont eat any more cookies all in all it was an AWESOME episode of jonasmoreless
  • Great episode. I loved the drama between Stella and Joe coming to a head, with Macy there just for blogging rites!

    Great episode. I loved the drama between Stella and Joe coming to a head, with Macy there just for blogging rites!

    Kevin and the cookies was especially funny to watch, though his attempt at hypnotising Nick was kinda sad. Good for Nick for trying to teach Kevin a lesson, though isn't that the job for the older brother, NOT the younger one. This episode was very well done with just enough comedy, drama and craziness to make it a really enjoyable episode. Joe learns that he should man up and just ask Stella out, even when it's risking their friendship together. Though their actual getting together was more action than talking. Stella also steps up and good for her for not giving up her life waiting for Joe to ask her out. The fact that she went on a date with another guy was just the push that Joe needed to admit his feelings. "And Totally Gorgeous!" Aww.

    Kevin and Nick's interactions were typical brothers. Gotta love Kevin's obsession with cookies. I mean, who doesn't love cookies. And I agree with Kevin, who gives a 9 year old cookies? Nick stayed true to his character and personality, adopting the behaviour of an older sibling, though I do wish we got to see him acting as the youngest band member once in a while. He sucessfully managed to teach Kevin a lesson whilst making cookies so life is good. I really thought the scene where he tucks Kevin in was cute.

    And as for Macy. Well she was just adorable in this episode. She and Kevin at the start when Joe, Stella and Van Dyke were interacting was just priceless. Not to mention her verbal bashing on Van Dyke You go girl!!! Going on the date with Joe she was epic. Being calm and collected while still showing the fan side of Macy that we love. Nicole was an excellent actor in the episode and I enjoy watching her performances. Overall a stunning episode that is well worth watching.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Macy is blogging on her cell phone about the date, she tilts her phone forward for a second and shows that the phone isn't even turned on.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kevin: In 5 minutes, I have a calculus test.
      Joe: Yeah, but in 55 minutes we have shop class. There's a rumor going around that Mr. Stone's gonna tell us how he really lost that finger!

    • Van Dyke: You're that girl dude. The inner-league baseball game, you struck me out seven times.
      Macy: Actually, it was eleven times.
      Van Dyke: Well, whose counting?
      Macy: The officials were. Yeah, they wrote it in the record book and on that trophy.
      Van Dyke: Yeah, well, you were dressed like a guy.
      Macy: Yeah, but you cried like a girl!
      Van Dyke: Fair enough.

    • Macy: (to Stella) Okay, well I know this looks really bad, but before you say anything, Joe offered me a deal that was too good to pass up. Date with Joe of JONAS, heavy drama, and exclusive real time blogging rights for my JONAS fan club. It's a win-win-win!

    • Joe: Why'd you go out with Van Dyke?
      Stella: Because he asked me. Isn't that how it works, Joe? A guy asks out a girl because he likes her?
      Joe: What about a guy not asking out a girl because he likes her, huh? Have you ever thought about that?
      Stella: What?
      Joe: I didn't want to wreck everything you and me don't have together.
      Stella: That makes absolutely no sense!
      Joe: Yeah, well, sometimes things don't make sense.

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