Season 1 Episode 21

Exam Jam

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2010 on Disney Channel
Exam Jam
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Episode Summary

Tom warns the band that if they want to go on their next tour, they'll have to pass their upcoming exams. Stella is worried that her budding romance with Joe will suffer while they are seperated.

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  • Its never easy being a rock star. While the boys are preparing for a huge tour they forget school comes first. When Nick fails geometry, the three must band together to help him pass his retakemoreless

    Very cute episode, I like we get see more of Macy now and the recap of the boys songs from the show.

    I love the subtle Joella in the show but my gosh can't you just lock them in a room till they promise to be soul mates?

    anyway,I love how Kevin and Joe stay up all night to get Nick to study and try (though how well is hard to say) to get him to pass

    in the end Nick passes (see he is smart, he just puts way too much on himself) and the tour is back on go team Jonasmoreless
  • Only a few minutes of the episode was centered around 'exam'. They should change the episode to something related to their tour!

    Only a few minutes of the episode was centered around 'exam'. They should change the episode to something related to their tour!

    I found the storyline for the episode rather messy, and that plots are thrown in here and there. Macy as their vlogger was good and refreshing, instead of the usual screaming or fainting infront of JONAS. However, the rest of the story wasn't well done.

    I suppose they just needed a conclusion to link to the next season where they conduct their 'world tour'. Also, large portion of the episode was them performing songs from the season, no new songs.

    There was also no clear progress between Stella and Joe, although there was constant mentions about Stella missing Joe since she will not be joining them on tour and the flirting at the end.

    Hopefully there will be better episodes next season.moreless

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    • Macy: (presenting her JONAS podcast) I'm Macy Misa and if you'd like to see more, then tell your parents you're doing homework, lock the door, and crank up the volume!

    • Macy: What's the hardest part about going on tour?
      Kevin: Deciding who to take with me, Olivia, Juliet, Lulu.
      Macy: Whoa, that's an awful lot of girlfriends.
      Kevin: Not girlfriends, I'm talking about my guitars!

    • Nick: 'Love Sick' is the perfect opener.
      Kevin: Sure, the girls go crazy. They cry, they scream, they try and rip off our clothes, especially you, Joe.
      Stella: You know, I don't think you guys should do that song. I mean, the last thing rock stars need is a mob of excited screaming girls just rushing the stage, you know, that's dangerous, especially you, Joe. (they all look at her) Fine, whatever, do the song.

    • Joe: (about his new tour outfit) You can't even see a square inch of my skin!
      Stella: The girls can look at your hands. I mean, they're covered in skin.

    • Tom: It's about the tour.
      Kevin: Dad, did they spell my name wrong on the tour jackets again?
      Nick: You do look more like a Karen than a Kevin.

    • Kevin: (to Nick) I could tutor you.
      Joe: Kevin, you got a D in geometry.
      Kevin: Yes, and he got an F. So if we combine our two scores, we get an…...E, we get an E.
      Nick: And I'm the one who failed the test.

    • Joe: I'm gonna miss you, Stel. (he hugs her)
      Stella: Don't start, I'm gonna cry, and I can't be responsible for how cute I might look.

    • Nick: I can't believe I failed geometry.
      Joe and Kevin: I can't believe I passed. (Joe puts one hand up to high five Kevin)
      Kevin: No.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Songs featured during this episode:

      Time is on Our Side performed by the Jonas Brothers

      Love Sick performed by the Jonas Brothers

      Give Love a Try sung by Nick Jonas

      Scandinavia sung by Kevin Jonas

      We've Got to Work it Out performed by the Jonas Brothers

      Keep it Real performed by the Jonas Brothers