Season 1 Episode 7

Fashion Victim

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2009 on Disney Channel



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    • Nick: Hey, guys, could you keep it down? I've got to finish these songs for the next record.
      Joe: You're already working on new songs? We've been home for like ten minutes!
      Nick: Yeah, and I'm not even done with the second song yet. I hope I don't have writer's block!

    • Tom: First thing in the morning, you've got to do the laundry, all right? Before those clothes go out on tour by themselves.
      Kevin: If our clothes go on tour by themselves, my leather pants get their own dressing room!

    • Stella: I have to replace the knees in all of Kevin's pants. Why do you insist on power-sliding across stage every night?
      Kevin: Because I'm awesome.
      Nick: He is awesome.

    • Joe: I hope you didn't forget you were gonna help me with my math tonight.
      Stella: Of course I'm not going to forget, you're my special project.
      Joe: Special project, I like that.
      Nick: Well, if you two are done being adorable, can we get back to the meeting, please?

    • Macy: If you got to smell Nick up close, I've always imagined he smelled like chocolate chip cookies, sugar free of course, and on the other hand I bet you Kevin smells like heaven and it's true, because it rhymes!

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    • Joe The Redcoats are coming!

      British infantry soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War were called Redcoats by the American colonists, because of their bright red army jackets. On April 18th, 1775, the British headed across the Charles River on their way to invade Lexington, Massachusetts. A patriot by the name of Paul Revere learned that they were on the move and he got on his horse to alert the neighboring towns with the now famous battle cry "The Redcoats Are Coming!".