Season 1 Episode 2

Groovy Movies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 2009 on Disney Channel
Groovy Movies
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The brothers find that no good deed goes unpunished when they try to make their Mom a birthday gift.

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  • An absolutely adorable episode!! Can't wait to see it again!

    I honestly absolutely loved this episode!! I thought it was absolutely adorable and super hilarious. I thought it was totally sweet what they went through in order to not make their mothers birthday totally stink. All because they felt bad for what they did. It really helps to teach kids responsibility!

    The baby videos in the first half of the episode were the cutest things ever. I thought it was really awesome how they used real home videos. I really helped to give fans a look into their real live. I also loved the second half where the brothers re-enacted the home videos. Watching Joe do his pee-pee dance was one of the funniest things ever!! Also getting Chelsea Staub's character, Stella, in on it really helped to build more of a relationship between the characters to help viewers know they have know each other for quite a while. Overall, combined with the hilarity, sweetness, and cuteness, this episode gets an A+ from me!moreless
  • After destroying the family's home movie collection Kevin, Nick and Joe attempt to recapture the memories.

    This was pretty much Be Kind Rewind as a half hour episode of TV. I was shocked that the series went for an emotional episode so early, but I think they succeeded. It is refreshing to have a Disney series without a laughtrack because let's be honest 99% of the dialogue from those shows is not funny. Here being able to laugh when you want actually makes the show watchable.

    This was a step down from the pilot, but I really think that this show is worth watching and that the Disney Channel has a winner on their hands with it.moreless
  • This episode is very funny. This is the only one that is my most favorite epiosde. It's talks about memories for christmas song as sad movie. This episode IS THE MOST BEST ONE EVER. This is EXTREMELY drama song for sad movie for memories. Stella is funny.moreless

    I really love that episode. This is extremely dramatic and funny singer. This episode talks about sad memories for movie but... lol, lol, and lol. I know it say lol three times but i can't help it. I heard that one before when i was little. I'm really surprise to watch that episode. So... this is very cool episode. "Groovy Movies" sounds pretty funny and lol. But the episode of "Wrong Song" is really okay because it's talks about that's there something wrong with Nick's song and he was afraid of the angel song. It's boring that Nick feel jealous.moreless
  • The Lucas boys forget their mom's birthday strike one then they destroy their home videos strike 2 in the end they get a time machine and fix it all. Just Kidding they do recreate the movies which was pretty funny.moreless

    First up Awwwww on the Jonas boys baby videos especially Nicky and the birthday cake was so cute. Kevin with his big ears and lasso is adorable and baby Joe with his dance. Too cute.

    the bottomless bowl thing was really cute (though it makes you wonder somethings :P) the show is really funny I think. I just really love the three bros bonding and when Nick hugs Kevin and Joe adds himself was so cute.

    Stella is a really cool character and I think its cool the writers made her like the 5th Jonas like she's the cool sister though something tells me her and Joe will hit it offmoreless

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