Season 1 Episode 10

Love Sick

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • The episode centers around Joe and Stella as they both question whether or not they should be dating. When Joe starts to realize they are dating, he panics and comes up with several excuses to get out of them, this making Stella angry.

    For me, this episode was by far one of the funniest, but not necessarily the best. Kevin, once again is up to his usual silliness to play the overall humorous and funniest guy in the episode. Nick, again (and again and again), plays the laid-back, cool and calm guy that we see following up Kevin's or Joe's jokes with sarcasm and whit. But in this episode, they weren't very important. The main characters here are Joe and Stella. The love connection between the two made for a very humorous episode with the awkwardness. But again, these are not the greatest of actors and the love between the two was not exactly believable. Nevertheless, the episode was a step up from what I've seen in previous episodes. It was only ruined by the end, when they performed for Great Morning USA (or something like that), as Joe with his strained voice was forced to go on anyways. Personally, this made my ears bleed and he was still somehow proud of what he did. Way to ruin it, Disney.
  • Joe and Stella get into an awkward phase when Joe doesn't feel comfortable with "dating" her get. While joe and Stella are in a relationship crisis, Macy goes on a date but he then regrets doing so when Macy wants to turn him into a Nick Lucas look-alike

    I thought this was the best episode yet. JONAS needed a good episode to prove to everyone that this isn't just another Disney show but a comedy series. What JONAS was missing before was a punch and now that Joe and love-interest, Stella kicked into gear we finally see that the show should go on and not just be a 1 season thing. Other episodes that have played weren't horrible but they weren't impressive either. The only people who would have enjoyed the other episodes would be younger kids or Jonas Brothers fans. Not that they weren't good, just that they didn't grab you like other shows would (Friends, Hannah Montana, That 70's show, Lizzie McGuire, etc.) Now that we see Stella and Joe's love grow, things will surely get more interesting and more appealing to the older audience but at the same time keep the younger audience entertained just as it did before.
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