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  • The Jonas Brothers are pretty good singers but boy could they really use some acting lessons

    Seriously didn't Disney figure that these teens first need to act if they are going to star in a show? Or just be in a show in general and not just be an extra? If they just made cameo appearances doing what they do best then yes but in their own show? This is just one of the first of many dumb sellouts Disney Channel made in hoping to have another Hannah Montana success story which proved to be mediocre at best. Hearing the band sing is reasonably pleasant but acting is a just lame and stale because their acts and expressions are so wooden and unconvincing. Plus the plots are overdone and bland (like haven't we seen this before?) Heck you know it is bad when the Nickelodeon sitcom spoofing it is better and lasted longer. The show just focuses on them and them only and is really meant for fangirls and fangirls only. Good golly is that pandering. I'm beginning to believe that there is a pandering department in the Disney Company complete with staff who seek out rising stars to sellout and squander. Totally forgettable and not worth your time. Listen to their music if you must but don't waste your time with this dull show.
  • There's one song that I can't get out of my head.

    It's A Laugh Productions has struck gold by giving three hot rock stars their own series. It's kind of cool that Joe Jonas gets to play instruments on the series.

    As for the series, they tried a mother and it failed after three episodes. And Frankie gets rarely seen with one liners, it's more like a game of Where's Frankie (ala Where's Waldo). Like California Dreams, there are some episodes that have no songs featured. But I gotta like the appearance of their real guitarist (John Taylor) who played a history teacher on an episode.

    As for Kevin Jonas, I feel sorry for him. He reminds me of two actors; Josh Peck (always gets the pratfalls) & Matthew Lawrence (hardly ever sings solo). Wish I could hear Kevin sing solo (see Scandanavia episode to have this wish come true).

    But what got me liking this show? A cute song called "Pizza Girl". Whenever I sing that song to any lady working at Pizza Hut, they laugh! I laugh too. The best Jonas song ever written.
  • i want to become a singer

    the jonas brother inspire me because i want to become a singer just like you and i love the show
  • Jonas!

    Disney dont do dont but ad for the comedy JONAS LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • boring

    That's all this show is. broing
  • Short review :)

    Great Band bad Show
  • Should have stuck to the original Jonas!

    This was SOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!! It was trying to be dramatic, which was a horrible idea! I liked the comedy way better.
  • I wish they wasn't just got cancelled, but kicked out of L.A as well!

    This guys are very undeserving to be a rockstar. They ruin the rep. of the rock genre.

    Plot: It's sort of a "Never Say Never" in Jonas Brothers' version, and a reversed gender of Hannah Craptana.

    Characters: They're the male counterpart of Miley Cyrus, only in one dangerous pack. And they're terrible too! Terrible at acting and anything else. The show focuses on nobody but them.

    Humor/Entertainment value: They suck at humor, and the music entertainment. So plain 0. Or -1!

    Overall: -2. One of the shows that makes me blast the screen off.
  • No point

    That's all I have to say. No point.
  • i dont think ive seen a more boring show that jonas on disney channel . NO lie!!!!

    this show is just absymal. OK i have to admit there were some good jonas episodes but when jonas la came i could only survive 5 minutes of an episode without being irritaed. i mean every since the drama came in jonas L.A its so boring i just wanna change the channel. there has been only an episode i have survived thats the flirt locker. i did find that episode a little funny but not that much. now I have nothing against the Jonas Brother but Kevin tried to be funy in season 1 but failed i got at least 1 laugh out of him. now stella is OK. Now Macy used to be really annoying in season 1 but shes better in season 2. now the only characters i have problems is the recuring characters they can just drive me nuts. overall 1/10
  • *bangs head* Why? *bangs head* Why? *bangs head* Why?

    JONAS LA is just another unnecessary show based on a band. The show is about the Jonas Brothers as they live with their parents and try to live a normal teen life. So to put it bluntly, this is a rip off of Hannah Montana, and when a show rips off another bad show you know you have a bad show. The plots are very boring and uninspired stories. The band does something like go swimming, play a sport, or do other stupid stuff. Nothing is new or original to this show. The acting is just terrible and wooden. Characters seem to either underact or overact, they seem to be reading scrips, and there is no passion at all. The humor is just abysmal. They try to make us laugh by doing stupid antics or very corny one liner jokes, but they come off very unfunny. As for the songs, they are just terrible and they are almost as bad as Hannah Montana's songs, but at least they are a bit more bearable than hers. This is just promotions for a terrible band and I am glad it's over. I plead with people out there to please avoid this show and every other thing that involves the Jonas Brothers, it's just a complete waste of time.
  • This show is hilarious and awesome, but why did it end so fast


    This show hilarious and awesome, but why did it end so fast. Amazing not only are they talented but they are hilarious. but like i said why did it end so fast it was good. It's funny and actioned packed. And now all the famous singer and bands have there own show like Hannah Montana. I really like this show. JONAS ROCKS! Why does everyone hate this show it's good. and they have role models in this show. They are better role models than the naked brothers band. I mean Seriously it sound like they're gonna be naked. Overall 10/10.

  • It's just not funny!Crazy girls just watch it because of the Jonas.

    The worse Disney Channel's show ever.It's just to promote Jonas Brothers and nothing more.It's poor and no funny.Crazy girls just watch it because of the Jonas.I'm not saying that they're bad singers (but they are) but I really think that it could have better jokes and a more interesting plot.
    The worse Disney Channel's show ever.It's just to promote Jonas Brothers and nothing more.It's poor and no funny.Crazy girls just watch it because of the Jonas.I'm not saying that they're bad singers (but they are) but I really think that it could have better jokes and a more interesting plot.
  • Well I think is a great show. Really great songs, composed by them.. really good summer sound and lyrics. Is not boring, and I dont think they do this to promote themselves, its more to not let their fans get bored..

    Well I think is a great show. Really great songs, composed by them.. really good summer sound and lyrics. Is not boring, and I dont think they do this to promote themselves, its more to not let their fans get bored.. they want to show them they're still here and haters are still hating because they cant understand why the Jonas Brothers are still famous and loved. I think its perfect.

    They are getting better in singing, acting, composing.. and its so cool they do not copy anyone, they're original, they are just doing their jobs and living their lives..
  • Horrible!!

    I have one word for this show. Horrible! Just plain horrible! How can anyone watch this? It is not funny and it is really really boring! This is like all the other shows on this channel. They all have the same boring, cheesy theme and they all SUCK! Not just a little bit, but alot! This show has no humor and what they think is humor is nothing more than weak one liner jokes and pathetic attemps to make the audience laugh. The situations are unrealistic and the characters are just pathetic. The only reason why this show is on is because of the Jonas brothers that everyone thinks are sooooooo good. I hate this show and I think that it is horrible.
  • Wow. Even the parody show from Nick is better than this.

    Wow. Even Big Time Rush, the show mocking this show and other shows like it, lasts longer than this . The Joes can sing, but they can't act for the death of them. I could tell from the getgo that this show was designed for nutty fangirls, and nutty fangirls only, because the wood acting sucks. Planks of wood can act better than these bozos could. Give me a show starring Chip Skylark, I could watch that. But not the Jonas Sisters! This show is canceled? Yay, oh, yay! Oh...yippidy-doo-da yay!!! What ecstasy it brings us anti-fans of Jonas! Yay!
  • The Jonas brothers are ok singers, but they suck at acting.

    The Jonas brothers. Well..let me see.....they are very popular among girls of all ages, and ever since they starred in Camp Rock, they've became popular actors or something. Why is that? All singers suddenly become actors or actors try singing? My opinion is that this isn't a very good show and that the jonas brothers are better singers than actors. I mean seriously, they ae starring as themselves, and they aren't that great of actors. My opinion is that the crazy fan girls of the jonas brothers will be all "Oh my gosh, they are such good actors" and they will become more popular and brainwash small children. Ok, that is all.
  • I thought the 1st episode was pretty lame.

    I thought the 1st episode was pretty lame. These guys are amazing singers and performers and I expected more out of the show. I don't think they're terrible actors, but I'm guessing they have terrible writers. LAME! I hope this show gets better because I wish for great things for these guys! I also think they push relationships on Disney WAY too much! The show got much better when some stupid humor was introduced. When Joe was stuck to the chair with Stelcro and had to walk out with a chair stuck to his butt, now that was good comedy! I hope that's more of what we'll see!
  • I thought this would be bad,but it turned out better than I imagined.Good acting,good plots...

    Sure,the Jonas Brothers are not the best actors in the world.I love them singing,but when I saw the commercials for the show,I thought,'They are not good actors,the show can't be any better than their acting right?'But I was wrong,the show is very good.The Jonas Brothers acting was better in the show than advertised.I think Disney should advertise their episodes a little bit better next time!Things I love about the show, is that they will probably have a soundtrack,seeing the Jonas Brothers everyday(what more could a girl ask?),and the plots are good!What I don't like is their 'number 1 fan'Macy.I think she ruins the show!Her acting is over the top,and very over-dramatized.I like Stella more,because I think that she's actually smart.And it's always nice to have a girl character in anything who's smart!And to actually think that I would not like the show....
  • I thought this would be bad but it turned out different than i expected.

    I'm going to be honest, I had extremely low expectations for this show. But I must admit that the Jonas Brothers really proved me wrong. The pilot was lame but ever since the episodes have been much better acted and delivered tons of laughs. Kevin gives the the over-the-top humor, Joe provides the physical comedy and charm, and Nick provides a sort of dry and sarcastic humor which put together with the funny comedy provided by Chelsea and Nicole makes a great Disney Show. In my opinion, one of the best shows Disney has had in a long time. Good job Jonai!
  • What's so funny????????????????????????????????

    Here is a thing about JONAS is that the people who made this show wanted to make money off of the Jonas Brothers. This show is just about the Jonas Brothers being chased by girls between the ages of 7 to 9 and how they try to live a normal life. Well the people who created this show was smart. They made a pointless show make a lot of money. The Jonas really need acting lessons. The only thing that makes me laugh is how the Jonas Brothers are trying to act in a TV show that isn't even funny.
  • The Jonas brothers play the fictional Lucas brothers who themselves are world wide superstars playing in a band called JONAS. The boys have decided to try living a somewhat normal life by attending highschool and living in a converted fire house (poles st

    The JoBros didnt fail but I wouldnt call it success either. The show is your typical disney hit. With world wide heart throbs, music, decent but predictable plot lines how could it not be? The acting is much better than I would have thought for the rockers turned actors. The little remarks made by each brother are essential to the show. Although the show makes Kevin out to be a pansy, Joe as the stupid one, and Nick as the intelligent but emo brother.
  • The show features three boys named Kevin, Joe, and Nick Lucas who are all part the fictional band, JONAS. They live in an abandoned fire house in New Jersey trying to live as normal lives as possible.

    The show is actually alot funnier than what i thought it would be. But the show still has many pointless and meaningless scenes and jokes that dont make any sense. The series has great potential but is not living up to it. I think its biggest problem is that many people expected it to be better due to the constant advertising by disney, and when it actually premiered, it didnt come out with as big a bang as people expected. Another con of this show is the fairly mediocre acting of pretty much all three of them. The best actor i feel out of the three is Kevin, who is the only one i believe who plays the only believable part. Joe is very fair with his acting and does a very good job at playing different personalities. Nick, in most episodes, plays the laid-back, cool and plays the brains in the family. He played his role very well until episode 9, "Complete Repeat", where for the first time he had a real role in an episode, whereas in the others had a particularly small role. And i have to say, he did not do this starring role justice. The show still has its funny moments and should be given a chance. 8.5 for me.
  • I dont get it...

    So yea most people will disagree just because im going to bash the jonas brothers but hey the truth will be known. First of all, they cant act at all, period. They just have absolutely no emotion in their delivery. Oh and the script doesnt help matters: Oh lets write a song!! oh wait!!!!! i have writers block!! Duhn duhn DUUUUHHHNNN!!!! Really? this show completely goes off on how famous the jonas's are & rely on their fans simply watching cuz its them. I didnt think it was possible to get worse then the songs they put out, but their show is even worse, i would purposely avoid this show even if it was the only thing on. Seriously, avoid it....
  • Three young musicians trying to live a normal life basically can summon my favorite show. Showing not all the girls are in love with them, struggling to write songs and just fit in and live a somewhat normal life

    I think this show is great and pretty much what I expected. A half hour comedy as the Jonas Brothers goof around. I love the episodes and the funny songs and how just because your famous doesn't mean every girl wants to date you and the ones they want aren't that interested.

    I liked that they stay true to themselves a little as well. Nick being so serious and Joe being a clown, Kevin's a little spacey but he's not stupid like in camp rock.

    I give the show an A. I also say it is what it is and leave it at that, stop expecting it to be this big fantastic thing, either u like it or you don't me i love it and them
  • It's REALLY cute!!!

    Okay, this coming from a Jonas fan so I have to admit I am a little bias. But, really, it is cute. One thing I have to admit though is that the Jonas Brothers can't act for their life but they are still really cute. In my opinion, Chelsea (Stella) is such a WONDERFUL actress. She annoyed me in Minutemen mostly because i found her character annoying but i loved her in JONAS. This show, well, i have to admit, it is really cheesy but idk, there's just something in it that makes me laugh. Their house: coolest house EVER

    My suggestion is this:
    Jonas fans- Watch it. You'll love it. It really shows you the reason why you the JB

    Neutral- You could give it a try Anti- Jonas - Do not watch it. It would be considered cheesy for you guys
  • An even bigger joke than Sonny With a Chance.

    It seems that no Disney star can be complete with out being both a singer and an actor/actress no matter how lousy they may be at it. Case in point JONAS. After watching this show for about five minutes I wanted to gag myself. It was ridiculously unfunny, boring, and I wanted to slap Kevin.
    Who the heck lives in a converted fire station? A bit of a copy off the Princess Diaries don't ya think?
    So pretty much Nick is this very prestine, quiet, knowledgable one in the group. Being 16 I would call Nick a dork. Now I have always viewed Nick as a total dork, but Disney took it to the next level. Imagine the biggest nerd at your school with a terrible fro. And somehow people think this guy is "dreamy".
    Now Kevin is kinda similar... but way more creepy. He looks way to old to be in school for one thing giving him this child predator vibe. Or that kid who has failed high school so many times that he is living in his parents basement and still thinks he is a child. Basically an adult/kid. Also he is about as funny as that annoying know-it-all in class.
    Last, Joe and his monkey eyebrows are the heartthrob of the school. He is always flirting and being a M.W, but deep down he likes Stella. Joe comes off like the boyfriend that you know is cheating on you, but always begs you to come back. That's the relationship with Stella. He is a total player and in a way Disney is promoting that because Stella and him are "meant to be" which is like every Disney show. Then again Stella is just the stupid ditzy girl who will find her prince and they will live happily ever after. Yay!
    Disney has once again created another show that only shows the shallow reality of life.
  • What ever happened to even stevens?

    All right, well this show basically canters around 3 guys who have an insanley popular band called Jonas, and their stuggles act like regular teens. The first thing I hate about this show is that is seems to copy hannah montanna almost exactly. I mean the idea in both Jonas and Hannah Montanna is that teen super stars try to live a normal life. But the main thing I really don't like about this show is that Disney can make this show as stupid, corny, boring, and plotless as they want but teen girls are still gonna be watching that show as long as they play the episodes, because guess what? Girls think they're hot. So really I don't like this show because 1. It's a hannah montanna copy (I hate it when shows copy other shows.

    2.It can be as lame as they want, because it's got the Jonas brothers in it.

    and 3. Because disney used to make great shows like the Even Stevens, but now it feels like they just can't make anyhting decent, so they call in big name stars to get the ratings.

    Ah well,hopefully something better will come along soon. 2/10
  • Lame plot. Them Jo bros can sing, but they couldn't act for their life

    What, this is lame, just as bad as Sonny with A Chance and this show also copies the same plot as Hannah Montana. This show really pushes my buttons, 1.)They can't act
    2.)Lame plots for episodes, in one episode they bros fell for a Pizza girl, so they try to fight for her(Rock paper scizzor style) and eventually they invite her to their house and they ask her who do you like best she replies none of you....and just like that the show ends
    3.)Annoying stage props...its not that hard to distinguish an a fake school from a Hollywood studio

    can this get Any WORSE

    yes it can, just watch and see
  • A terrible show that should be taken off the air.

    I know that there are many fans of the show but I must ask - why watch it?

    Jonas is about the Jonas Brothers (obviously) and how they can fit into regular high school while in a band called Jonas and also live in a converted firehouse with their parents and little brother, Frankie.

    The first problem with this show is that it is incredibly unrealistic. What high school could they possibly go to where they won't have annoying fan girls all over the place trying to get close to them?

    Then there's the acting. The Jonas brothers can in no way, shape, or form, act to save their lives. The only reason this show even exists is so the producers can make money off of the already famous Jonas Brothers.

    The script is terrible as well. All it is is a bunch of cheesy lines with some song lyrics thrown in the mix. The funny lines aren't even funny enough to smile at. The script as a whole is completely unoriginal and the writers should be scrapped.

    All I can say is that I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than watch this show other than to laugh at it because it's so rediculous.
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