Season 1 Episode 3

Slice of Life (AKA Pizza Girl)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2009 on Disney Channel
Slice of Life (AKA Pizza Girl)
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Episode Summary

Kevin, Joe and Nick share a crush on the same pizza delivery girl, but their parents worry that the girl will come between the brothers.

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  • I liked this episode,it was the first full episode I got to see.And it certainly did not dissapoint!

    I liked this episode,it was really good.And how the brothers all like the same girl and each try to win her over makes it even more funny!I had to write a review for this episode because I loved it.The plot was good,but what we have seen on other shows before,but not like that has not happened before.I really under-estimated what the Jonas Brothers could do.I did not think they could act,but I thought they did a good job with this episode.What I liked was the song that they wrote about the girl they liked,and I really liked how the music video was done for it.When I saw the previews all I could think was that Disney was going to have the Jonas Brothers sing songs that made no sense,and did not even have a plot.I was very wrong!I might just have to buy this for my iPod.And change my icon to JONAS.moreless
  • This would make a great book. How to scare off a girl and make her quit her job just so she never sees three cute boys again

    I love the song in this. This is a really cute episode. "The phone is ringing"

    I love the Jonas law book and then how all three try to break it all for a really pretty girl named Maria.

    The pizza boy they use at the end is really ugly though, I liked his hair though.

    i like the pizza song and the three running around on a pizza is too cute especially when the pepperoni moved around.

    Stella looked jealous. Hmmm me thinks she got a crush on a Jonas boy im guessing Joe and I think they make a good couplemoreless
  • Addictive tune!

    I wasn't really a Jonas Brothers fan until their tv show. When I saw the third episode, it nailed it!

    They write this cute little tune called "I Fell In Love With The Pizza Girl." The video was awesome, seeing the Jonas in small size of a big pizza!

    One time, I went over to visit Pizza Hut & see my favorite waitress, I serenaded her singing that tune. Her response, "That's because I put out the Meat Lover's on the buffet!"

    I love to sing that song everytime I visit a Pizza Hut. Sometimes they look @ me strange while others know, because they are Jonas Brothers fans!moreless

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    • Joe: (Making an excuse for the horrible pizza) Where is it written that pizza always has to taste good?
      Kevin: Piccarillos is environmentally friendly. Their slogan, "We use all the stuff the other people throw out".

    • Stella: If you guys don't cut back on the pizza, you're gonna be going on stage in sweatpants. Mmm, good look.
      Kevin: Power slides in sweatpants, awesome!
      Joe: You could design some really cool ones with special pockets to hold our pizza.

    • Joe: If I didn't know any better, I'd say somebody's dressed for a date. Perhaps with a girl I like to call Maria.
      Nick: Can't a guy get dressed up for his evening snack?
      Joe: Oh please, I can smell your body spray from here!

    • Joe: What's behind your back?
      Kevin: Flowers. (Shows the bouquet) I'm trying to attract bees.
      Joe: But you're allergic to bees.
      Kevin: Yes, true, but if you don't wanna give me more time to come up with a better excuse then I'm gonna go with that one.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Kevin: How do we solve a problem like Maria?

      In the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music there is song called "Maria", which sometimes known as How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?.

    • Stella: My Stella senses are tingling!

      After Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider in the The Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, he develops a heightened sense of impending danger that he calls his spider-sense.

    • Episode Title: Slice of Life

      In 1887, a French playwright by the name of Jean Jullien wrote a gritty, realistic play called "The Serenade". When he was asked why he choose to write such a dark, true to life story, Jean said that he wanted to show a slice of life onstage.