Season 1 Episode 1

Wrong Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • This show is shockingly not THAT bad.

    The much hyped sitcom starring the Jonas brothers premiered this weekend on Disney Channel. You have to wonder why a network like NBC didn't make a play for the show. Sure, it is targeted for kids, but if you could bring those viewers to your channel, not only what this show garner strong ratings, but it would most likely propel some of your other shows to the top as well ala MyNetworkTv's acquisition of WWE Smackdown.

    The Jonas brothers are not strong actors, but their goofy nature makes for good TV. Kevin Jonas is the funniest of the bunch, with Nick second and Joe just sort of being there. I do not follow their music so I don't know if Nick claiming he is "the serious one" is a true media distinction for him or not, but he did play up on it well.

    Where the show works is that its in the same element as 90's Nickelodeon series Kenan and Kel. It doesn't insist upon itself and the kids are very likable. The dialogue is actually more mature than you would expect from a show on Disney, with the stars acting more like the guys on My Boys than Zach and Cody. The Jonas Brothers do not seem to be full of themselves like Miley Cyrus either.

    The main problem with this show is with the female characters. They justify the stereotypes about the Disney Channel. They are played by overacting screechy young girls who have no sense of reality and seem like aliens in a fish out of water show as opposed to the gender balance of a sitcom.

    If the show can maintain this quality then it might actually have a shot at not only keeping me as a viewer, but becoming a decent and respected program.
  • The season starts with some..drama...kinda

    Wow. I just flipped this show on so I could maybe have something to blog/review about...and it wasn't that bad. I like the brothers alot more in this show than I did in Camp Rock and their guest appearance on Hannah Montana. Of course, this episode is all about Nick, didn't see that coming. The whole episode focuses on Nick and a girl Penny, who he has a big crush on. Sounds really corny, huh? Actually it was pretty good, but ended in the most predictable way, Nick discovering Penny has a boyfriend...after she stole his song...that he wrote for her. I won't watch this show every week, but it wasn't as bad as expected. The only problem I have, is they make Kevin the dumb one, just like in Camp Rock. I also have fears this show will only focus on Nick...but whatever. Overall good.
  • It's got some good points, but overall, Jonas starts out with a Cory in the House level flare: big on not-so-funny jokes, light on the acting, and counting on the fact that the familiarity of the leads will fix all the show's other bugs.

    So I have alot of issues with this show, but that's not to say that there aren't good things about it too...

    The Good: First and foremost, whether you hate pop rock or not, the boys have talent. That's undeniable. All three have the charisma required to be pop rockers, and it works. I especially thought the whole "music video" idea was cute, where song playing transitions into a music video style. Nice idea, methinks, for the genre of the show. Also, the atmosphere is interesting: we have teenagers at some sort of prep, uniformed school, which gives a sense of exclusivity into the Joe Bro's private scene. It's chock full of cool smoothies, walled in courtyards, and implied NUDITY. Whoa Disney Channel. Sllloooowww down. I've read a couple critiques about the female roles in this show, complaining about their stereotypical protrayal. Yes. Macy fits that role. She's pretty, athletic, talented, smart and googly for all the Jonas boytoys. However, I was really impressed by the idea of Stella. She's their fashion designer, and calm, collected friend. It was nice to see Disney write a female role that wasn't bent on putting the boys on a pedestal, a.k.a. Mitchie, circa Camp Rock.

    The Bad: The jokes. OMG, the jokes. Bad. Very, very bad. Cory in the House bad. The Replacements bad. Just bad. I didn't even want to laugh once. It just amazes me that Disney can hire such varying writers. Even if shows like Wizards and Hannah Montana have their own faults, clever lines pick them right back up into decent grounds. The jokes of this sitcom need a facelift. Botox. SOMETHING DRASTIC. Oh the acting. I'll give Chelsea Staub and whoever the other girl was their props. They played what they were given to work with. But the boys. Oh the boys. For some reason, Disney decided that Nick's serious pout was interesting. Instead, he's a snorefest. And Kevin. Apparently, they decided he would be "the dumb one" again. Instead, it comes off as awkward, metro, and un-funny. Joe's okay, but I think it's ridiculous that Disney wants Nick to share the band's frontman position with him. Joe clearly has the most rounded talent with music and acting, but hey, what do I know...I'm just an audience member... Also, I didn't like the fact that the show jumped into the plot without explaining ANYTHING. Why can the boys go to school without getting mobbed? Why is Stella their designer? Are they even musical stars here? We're just supposed to ASSUME. Lame.

    The Ugly: The set is whitewashed and boring, set off against plaid-clad kids and orange and green lockers. EW. It's like puke. All over the camera. Plus, those prone to motion sickness might get a headache with the weird cinematography. That is all. Not horrible. Not wonderful.
  • Kevin and Joe warn him but it seems to go through deaf ears.

    Cute is the first word I can think of. I've watched it like 20 times by now and I really like how Kevin and Joe are the big brothers here, that's my favorite part of it.

    The end of it I admit I was hoping for a full house scene as in the big bro's comfort little bro but it was pulled out pretty cute.

    I'm guessing Nick and Penny just stay friends cause you'll probably never see her again.

    In all not a bad pilot but I really hope the show gets better, the boys are great musicians and now I want to see the acting skills thrill me
  • Nick is taken for advantage by a girl for a song, and Stella tries to design fan-proof clothing

    Okay, I kind of like JONAS. The pilot is rough, but the series has developed and gotten better as the boys get used to acting. Starting out, they come off a bit wooden, but they later on as the series goes on, they really start developing some character on their tv personas. My favorite brother is Kevin for being funny and having most of the "Monkees" vibe I was hoping on in the series. Joe is the dashing male lead, and Nick is the cute, sensible one the girls like. What I like most in the pilot is Stella. She's cute, funny and adorable - like Ashley Tisdale as Maddie from "The Suite Life," with beauty, brains and a flair for comedy. The plot is not in the over-handed Disney life-lesson telling; it's more story form with good responses and reactions, but to me, it's way upstaged by the sub-plot as Stella tries to create clothes for the boys she does not have to recreate from scratch. It's hilarious how her expected results just never seem to happen. If anything, this episode shows the series works best when its being funny and not relying on emotion. Hopefully as the show goes on, it will reach it's full potential, like "Suite Life" or "Wizards," and not do a crash-and-burn like "Hannah" or "On Deck."