Season 1 Episode 1

Wrong Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • It's got some good points, but overall, Jonas starts out with a Cory in the House level flare: big on not-so-funny jokes, light on the acting, and counting on the fact that the familiarity of the leads will fix all the show's other bugs.

    So I have alot of issues with this show, but that's not to say that there aren't good things about it too...

    The Good: First and foremost, whether you hate pop rock or not, the boys have talent. That's undeniable. All three have the charisma required to be pop rockers, and it works. I especially thought the whole "music video" idea was cute, where song playing transitions into a music video style. Nice idea, methinks, for the genre of the show. Also, the atmosphere is interesting: we have teenagers at some sort of prep, uniformed school, which gives a sense of exclusivity into the Joe Bro's private scene. It's chock full of cool smoothies, walled in courtyards, and implied NUDITY. Whoa Disney Channel. Sllloooowww down. I've read a couple critiques about the female roles in this show, complaining about their stereotypical protrayal. Yes. Macy fits that role. She's pretty, athletic, talented, smart and googly for all the Jonas boytoys. However, I was really impressed by the idea of Stella. She's their fashion designer, and calm, collected friend. It was nice to see Disney write a female role that wasn't bent on putting the boys on a pedestal, a.k.a. Mitchie, circa Camp Rock.

    The Bad: The jokes. OMG, the jokes. Bad. Very, very bad. Cory in the House bad. The Replacements bad. Just bad. I didn't even want to laugh once. It just amazes me that Disney can hire such varying writers. Even if shows like Wizards and Hannah Montana have their own faults, clever lines pick them right back up into decent grounds. The jokes of this sitcom need a facelift. Botox. SOMETHING DRASTIC. Oh the acting. I'll give Chelsea Staub and whoever the other girl was their props. They played what they were given to work with. But the boys. Oh the boys. For some reason, Disney decided that Nick's serious pout was interesting. Instead, he's a snorefest. And Kevin. Apparently, they decided he would be "the dumb one" again. Instead, it comes off as awkward, metro, and un-funny. Joe's okay, but I think it's ridiculous that Disney wants Nick to share the band's frontman position with him. Joe clearly has the most rounded talent with music and acting, but hey, what do I know...I'm just an audience member... Also, I didn't like the fact that the show jumped into the plot without explaining ANYTHING. Why can the boys go to school without getting mobbed? Why is Stella their designer? Are they even musical stars here? We're just supposed to ASSUME. Lame.

    The Ugly: The set is whitewashed and boring, set off against plaid-clad kids and orange and green lockers. EW. It's like puke. All over the camera. Plus, those prone to motion sickness might get a headache with the weird cinematography. That is all. Not horrible. Not wonderful.