Season 1 Episode 1

Wrong Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Nick is taken for advantage by a girl for a song, and Stella tries to design fan-proof clothing

    Okay, I kind of like JONAS. The pilot is rough, but the series has developed and gotten better as the boys get used to acting. Starting out, they come off a bit wooden, but they later on as the series goes on, they really start developing some character on their tv personas. My favorite brother is Kevin for being funny and having most of the "Monkees" vibe I was hoping on in the series. Joe is the dashing male lead, and Nick is the cute, sensible one the girls like. What I like most in the pilot is Stella. She's cute, funny and adorable - like Ashley Tisdale as Maddie from "The Suite Life," with beauty, brains and a flair for comedy. The plot is not in the over-handed Disney life-lesson telling; it's more story form with good responses and reactions, but to me, it's way upstaged by the sub-plot as Stella tries to create clothes for the boys she does not have to recreate from scratch. It's hilarious how her expected results just never seem to happen. If anything, this episode shows the series works best when its being funny and not relying on emotion. Hopefully as the show goes on, it will reach it's full potential, like "Suite Life" or "Wizards," and not do a crash-and-burn like "Hannah" or "On Deck."