Season 1 Episode 1

Wrong Song

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 02, 2009 on Disney Channel



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    • Macy: I'll be Joe, he's so cool, just the way he walks. Or maybe Kevin! He's so out there and wild like (plays air guitar). Or, or, Nick with all that intensity.
      Stella: What do you do, just follow them around all day?
      Macy: No, of course not....why, do they see me?

    • Nick: I made a total idiot of myself. How dumb can I be?
      Joe: You're not dumb. You're just really intense, which is sad for you, but lucky for us because we get great songs out of it.
      Nick: True.

    • Tom: (Talking to Nick) Your mother was the twenty third love of my life.
      Kevin: No way!
      Joe: Wow!
      Tom: Yeah. I was walking down the aisle of a school bus and passed twenty two girls before I saw your mom. Ba-ba boom!

    • Joe: Do you see what I see?
      Kevin: It's a cloud in a shape like a rabbit. Cute!
      Joe: No, lower
      Kevin: A rabbit in a shape of a cloud... even cuter
      Joe: Higher
      Kevin: Nick with a goofy smile on his face... Nick with a goofy smile on his face?
      Joe: Now that's something you don't see everyday.

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