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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Band of Brothers
      Band of Brothers
      Episode 13

      Band of Brothers is the series finale of Jonas, a Disney Channel television series. The three brothers are planning a secret concert for their fans. While Nick and Macy wait at the concert, Joe chases down Stella. Joe hurt Stella's feelings when he didn't tell her about his future plans. Will Stella forgive Joe? Will Joe make the special concert?

    • On the Radio
      On the Radio
      Episode 12
      The brothers learn that perhaps not everything is how it seems when they do a radio interview to say they aren't breaking up. It seems that each of the brothers has a side project going on that none of them knows about. This leads the boys to question their future as a band.moreless
    • Boat Trip
      Boat Trip
      Episode 11
      Boat Trip is the eleventh episode in the second season of Jonas, which originally aired on September 12, 2010. Kevin receives a challenge from David Henrie to appear on a reality show. Nick and Macy are upset that Stella and Joe are still refusing to speak to each other. In order to reunite the couple, Macy and Nick devise a plan that ensures they must speak to each other.moreless
    • The Flirt Locker
      The Flirt Locker
      Episode 10
      The Flirt Locker is the tenth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's Jonas. Big Man orders Kevin to get in shape. Nick takes a meeting with a hotshot music producer. Meanwhile, Joe tries to prove to Stella that no one can resist his charm by flirting with a interviewer.moreless
    • Direct to Video
      Direct to Video
      Episode 9
      Direct to Video, which originally aired August 22, 2010, is the ninth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's Jonas. Kevin, Joe and Nick are making a music video. Kevin is excited to direct the video, but the brother's father hires a professional instead. Meanwhile, Stella's Aunt Lisa is taking care of her while she doesn't feel well.moreless
    • Up in the Air
      Up in the Air
      Episode 8
      Up in the Air is the eighth episode in the second season of Disney Channel's television series Jonas, which originally aired August 5, 2010. Stella is given the opportunity to be the set designer on Joe and Vanessa's set. However, not everyone is happy about this decision. Meanwhile, Kevin decides to get creative, and make a gift for Macy.moreless
    • A Wasabi Story
      A Wasabi Story
      Episode 7
      A Wasabi Story is the seventh episode in the second season of Jonas. Macy tags along with Nick and Kevin while they go golfing. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Joe go on a double date with Stella and Ben. Will things get weird on the date when Vanessa and Ben learn about Stella and Joe's prior relationship?moreless
    • The Secret
      The Secret
      Episode 6
      The Secret is the sixth episode in the second season of Jonas, a Disney Channel television series. Joe agrees to help Kevin, and ends up hurting him instead. Meanwhile, Big Man leaves his niece, Kiara, with Nick for the day. When Kiara learns a secret about Nick, he will do anything to keep her quiet.moreless
    • America's Sweethearts
      America's Sweethearts is the fifth episode in the second season of the Disney Channel's series Jonas, which originally aired July 25, 2o1o. Mona begins working as Kevin's assistant. Meanwhile, Stella betrays Joe when he asks her to do something for him. Unfortunately, Stella's betrayal has unforeseen consequences. Will Joe figure out what Stella has done?moreless
    • And... Action
      And... Action
      Episode 4
      And...Action is the fourth episode in the second season of Jonas, a Disney Channel television series. Macy decides to give DZ a makeover, but only because she is trying to get Nick's attention. Stella is impressed that her aunt has started a new hobby. Meanwhile, Joe angers Mona when he is late to the movie set.moreless
    • Date Expectations
      Date Expectations, which originally aired July 2, 2010, is the third episode in the second season of Jonas, a Disney Channel television series. A love triangle is created when Stella accepts a date from Ben, which angers Joe. Meanwhile, Nick and Kevin engage in intense sibling rivalry regarding a top spot in an upcoming Ping-Pong Tournament.moreless
    • Back to the Beach
      Back to the Beach is the second episode in the second season of Jonas. Joe anxiously prepares to work with Vanessa Page. However, he is disappointed when he finds out he is up against a lot of competition. Meanwhile, Kevin receives advice from Stella about his upcoming audition, and Macy receives some attention that makes Nick jealous.moreless
    • House Party
      House Party
      Episode 1
      House Party is the second season debut episode of Jonas. As soon as the boys get to Los Angeles, they decide to throw a big party. Macy and Stella get to LA just in time for the party. Stella hopes to continue her relationship with Joe, but is unsure if he wants the same thing.moreless
  • Season 1