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  • Low budget much?

    This is going to be a short review. Jonas is just some low budget stock crap that should have never existed. The Jonas Brothers singing in every episode nearly drove me insane. The least can be said for the acting, which is so bad, ITS WORSE then Jessie's.

    The worthless shit they call comedy makes me wonder why they even made the brothers act. No one in their right mind should watch this, And those who do probably commited suicide.

    Like what the creators should have done..... or maybe their taking drugs.

  • An unnecessary garbage show to something that was already garbage

    If I could give shows a 0, then I would, but sadly, i can't, because giving this show a 1 is like giving a show like Johnny Test a 7.

    I can't even begin telling you how bad this crap is. Horrible acting (the actors do not look like they're taking their roles seriously; then again how can you take anything done by the Jonas Brothers seriously?) with laughable characters (that aren't even characters anyways), more trash music from the already-trash, talentless band itself, no plot or even a point, an an overall crap presentation from the band that has no talent only meant to have young girls wet their panties over.

    Stuff like this is the reason why kids & teenagers do drugs nowadays.
  • Why did they even made a show based on a non-existing boyband?

    They made a show made of stupidity and talentless substance. This completely fails in any other way. Didn't know it's plot, but we know it's bad because it didn't lasted longer more than a month.
  • Only like one season

    I thought this would of gotten more popular if they it aired longer. I guess it sucked to much to go on.
  • I wish this never aired much less get a sequal

    For most adults you don`t know this but the Jonas Brothers are a real band. Thsi show is a disgrace to whatever real bands worked hard to get where they are now and they earned it. This group was a disney product made to win over teenage girls. Whch is why it is doing so well. There is no real plot, to much drama, bad script, songs that suck, no charcter devolpment, music videos to advertise band during show and so much more. This is not worth your time don`t ever watgch this it`s bad for your health.

    Its dumb.
  • Um...

    I hated this
  • a stupid

    Just Stupid