Jonathan Creek

Season 4 Episode 2

Angel Hair

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2003 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • *Spoiler Warning*
      This is supposed to be a slightly 'softer' crime – no locked doors or dead bodies – and the culprit actually asks "Did I commit a crime? Well, I suppose it wasn't a very nice thing to do." Erm… No, it wasn't very nice and yes, you did commit several crimes: conspiracy, kidnapping, assault… It seems unlikely that the girlfriend, even with a warning, wouldn't have gone to the police given what she went through, especially since it happened right outside Houseman's gate! Yet nobody is actually charged with anything!

  • Quotes

    • (Brendan has just opened a letter.)
      Carla: What is it? Is that…?
      Brendan: The results of the tests.
      Carla: My God, Brendan, what does it say?
      Brendan: It says… 61% of viewers in the key 18 to 29 age bracket found the show sustained their interest, but the numbers for Jonathan were very low among core A, Bs and C1s and C2s.
      Carla: I thought we were talking about your prostate.

    • Henry Houseman: I've always said the human race is broadly divided into angels and trolls. And believe me the angels don't always get the best of it, because when beautiful people fall in love with each other, they'd better be sure it's not because they're beautiful people. When the late Mrs Houseman and I fell in love in 1953, we were both pretty ugly customers – and that's how we knew it was real. Dudley's not a bad sod, but he does get very easily confused.

    • Brendan: You're early, we said one.
      Carla: I know, but Carol's off sick, so I didn't get my pedicure, which of course meant I had to cancel the gynaecologist – toenail confidence very important there obviously. Can't have him refusing at the first fence.

    • (Dudley Houseman has just picked up one of his father's ventriloquist's dummies)
      Henry Houseman: Be careful with that one. George W. B. It's on order for Miramax.
      Dudley: How come his mouth doesn't move?
      Henry: Because he doesn't talk through his mouth.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jonathan: Like Derek Fowlds and Basil Brush
      Alluding to another famous pairing. Basil Brush was a glove puppet fox, who appeared in a series of children's comedy programmes from the 1960s through to the late 80s. The Basil Brush Show was revived in 2002. Derek Fowlds was his second 'straight man', the brunt of Basil's corny jokes from 1969 to 1973. Fowlds would later go on to fame in Yes Minister as Bernard.

    • Jonathan: I look like Jack Nance in Eraserhead.
      Said as he's just had all his hair piled on top of his head – he is referring to David Lynch's first major film, which took several years to shoot and starred Jack Nance as the protagonist with a hugely strange hairstyle whose girlfriend might just have given birth to an alien baby and whose brain is determined to be the perfect material for pencil erasers! Nance appeared in many of Lynch's films and died in mysterious circumstances (considered a homicide) in 1996.

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