Jonathan Creek

Friday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered May 10, 1997 Between Seasons




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    • Black Canary
      Black Canary
      Episode 1

      Creek and Magellan investigate the apparently impossible suicide of a female illusionist, whose daughter happens to be a former flame of Creek's, and whose twin sister was killed fifteen years previously. But there is another lateral mind at work this time, in the form of swashbuckling Det Insp Gideon Pryke.

    • Satan's Chimney
      Satan's Chimney
      Episode 2

      How can a gun be fired through a glass window without breaking the glass? How do bodies disappear and turn to dust within stone castle walls? Jonathan must once again put his thinking cap on to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of an actress, this time without the help of Maddy!

    • The Grinning Man
      The Grinning Man
      Episode 3

      Jonathan is asked to investigate a series of unexplained disappearances from the attic in a Gothic house. Joey Ross is determined to find out what happened to her friend, and joins Jonathan in his quest.

    • The Judas Tree
      The Judas Tree
      Episode 4

      Jonathan meets a young woman employed by a celebrated crime novelist and his wife. A series of inexplicable events at her employers' home has convinced the woman that she is losing her mind. Could there be a connection with the Egyptian housekeeper who apparently murdered her own employer at the same house in 1889?

    • The Clue of the Savant's Thumb

      A renowned polymath dies and his corpse disappears from a locked study. The mystery overwhelms his widow, who is increasingly troubled by 50-year-old memories of an unexplained death at her school and a vision of God, and she solicits the help of Jonathan and Joey. They have to contend with the brilliant DI Gideon Pryke, who is heading up the murder investigation.

    • Daemons' Roost
      Daemons' Roost
      Episode Christmas Special

      Horror film director Nathan Clore has summoned his stepdaughter Alison back to Daemons' Roost to share with her the chilling truth of what happened to her family there. On her arrival, however, she finds that he has suffered a debilitating stroke, rendering him unable to communicate. Elsewhere, Jonathan Creek is targeted by Patrick Tyree, recently released from prison after being convicted following a previous investigation.

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