Jonathan Creek

Season 3 Episode 4

Ghost's Forge

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 1999 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Maddy is sprayed with red paint by the mistaken jealous wife, there is much more paint on her face and dressing gown when she closes the door in the second shot from inside than there is in the first shot just moments before from outside. Apparently both were shot at least a month apart, according to David Renwick - and though you can't really tell Caroline Quentin was pregnant in the first she had given birth by the time the second was shot!

  • Quotes

    • Adam: OK, so if no-one has any problems.
      Samantha: Just the one tiny problem Adam. I'd quite like to know why you did a runner from my bedroom last night, without so much as a by your leave.
      Adam: Samantha! What a lovely surprise.
      Samantha: When just a minute before you'd been tellng me I was the most perfect creature you'd ever set eyes on. What can it have been I wonder that changed your mind? [pulls jar of teeth out of her handbag] [...] Next time I take my grandmother to the hospital, after she's just had a stroke, I'll make sure someone else looks after her teeth; it's obviously something you can't handle.
      Adam: Listen, how about we go to my room and talk about this?
      Samantha: No, that's fine. I only came by to say thank you, Adam. Thank you for showing me how little I really mean to you, and what a shallow set of values you live your life by. Can you believe he picked me up while he was ordering flowers for his girlfriend? This man has all the depth and sensitivity of a dog turd. [to Duggie Dawson, journalist] That's Samantha Clarke, with an 'e'.

    • Maddy: Coffee?
      Mimi: I don't suppose you've got any iced tea?
      Maddy: I'm afraid we just sucked the last bag.

    • Adam: Listen Mr Dawson - Duggie. That little outburst earlier on. I wouldn't take it too seriously. Samantha's a lovely girl, but prone to these irrational mood swings, you know? You talk to any of the women in my life who's got the measure of me, they'll tell you the kind of guy I really am.
      Duggie Dawson: I don't doubt it, Mr Klaus. (He points to Adam's kimono with Japanese lettering.) Nice shirt by the way. Bought for you by a girlfriend?
      Adam: Actually it was. Kind of sweet don't you think?
      Duggie Dawson: Very. You speak much Japanese at all?
      Adam: I can't say that I do.
      Duggie Dawson: I was over there for seven years with Reuters; became quite fluent by the time I left.
      Adam: Really?
      Duggie Dawson: And yes, I think you're right. Any woman who brings you a shirt back with the words "I am full of shit" on it, I'd say has got the measure of you very well indeed.

    • Maddy: Author's freebies. Writer of a book will usually get half a dozen copies on publication. In my case that's been known to double the print run.

    • Maddy: I mean this is absolutely beezer isn't it? Not only are we 18 months late, place has been completely emptied, decorators have moved in. What are we hoping? The killer's going to suddenly pop back and say. "I didn't by any chance leave a knife behind?"

    • Jonathan: Two sorts of people you never want to spend time with: serial killers and women who spell 'thanks' with an x.

    • Maddy [ on Mimi ]: You know the type: women can't stand but men dribble all over.
      Jonathan: Bit like a urinal.
      Maddy: But without the charm.

  • Notes

    • The episode is entitled Ghost's Forge, though much of the plot is based on the fact that the house in question was called Ghosts Forge, without an apostrophe.

  • Allusions

    • Jonathan: Have you ever read Finnegans Wake by James Joyce?
      He is explaining the lack of apostrophe in Ghosts Forge by referring to the work, which also has no apostrophe. He describes it as almost impossible to read, and he would have found several people to agree. The book was published in 1939, though Joyce had spent seventeen years working on it. The language is often obscure, uses puns, parts of nursery rhymes and several different languages, and the jury is still out on whether it is a work of genius or a joke on the literary community.

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