Jonathan Creek

Season 3 Episode 5

Miracle in Crooked Lane

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 28, 1999 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • *Spoiler Warning*
      The policeman says Feldman was shot in the right temple. Yet in the flashback scene that follows, his killer clearly shoots him three times, twice in his body, which is facing his killer and once when he's on the floor, with his right temple against the ground. It would be impossible for the shot to have hit his temple in the way described.

  • Quotes

    • Maddy [ in bed, reading the paper ]: I dunno, the things people get off on. Did you read this tosh? "When making love a certain well-known MP could only achieve a climax if I dressed up as a traffic warden and stuck Fixed Penalty Notices to his glasses." Good thing he didn't ask to be clamped. It's like a bloke I went out with once. Got turned on by women in quicksand. I mean weird or what? Apparently it's a completely recognised fetish, with websites and everything. He actually had the nerve to ask me how I'd feel about getting fully dressed into a bath full of Ready Brek. Ha, I mean do me a favour. Oh, and listen to this: "On our first night together he warned me that he'd got a dicky heart. I don't know about dicky heart but he certainly had a hearty…"
      Jonathan: Look, I can't do this if you're just gonna keep gabbling away there like Ena Sharples.

    • Maddy: Well, we finally did it.
      Jonathan: Yep.
      Maddy: We won't be doing it again.
      Jonathan: Probably not.
      Maddy: It was like erm… making love to your favourite uncle.
      Jonathan: Which is something you should never do.
      Maddy: Not without consulting your auntie. Though… on the other hand we were both very tired.
      Jonathan: We were.
      Maddy: Mmm. Funnily enough, not now.
      Jonathan [turning to her]: No? Well I suppo… [phone rings]

    • Rupert [ proudly describing his collection ]: At the last count I think it was running well into 30,000. From 1970 onward I have every major British title: Mayfair, Hustler, Carnival, Nugget and so on. All mint. American glamour is all on this wall here. This is an extremely rare Hot Jugs & Hooters from the American bible belt. Cancelled after one issue. Most copies were burned.
      Maddy: Amazing. I won't ask what you keep on the top shelf.
      Rupert: And then of course I have complete runs of all the '50s and '60s collectibles: Snip, Snap, Swank, Spanky, Tip Top, Hot Spot, Nylon Jungle

    • Jacqui Jordan: So I suppose you haven't heard what they're all calling me round here, since I sold my story to the papers.
      Kathleen Gilmore [proffering a plate of biscuits]: Cheesy flake?

  • Notes

    • The episode marks a watershed in the relationship between Jonathan and Maddy, as they finally sleep together. Of course, this being Jonathan Creek, this is not quite the romantic denouement we might have hoped for.

  • Allusions

    • Bessie Bunter
      Jonathan accuses Maddy of guzzling Curly Wurlies like Bessie Bunter, alluding to the character created by Frank Richards (real name Charles Hamilton – though he wrote Bessie's stories as Hilda Richards, a supposed sister of Frank). Bessie was the sister of Billy Bunter and both were boarding school children whose appetite for learning was in inverse proportion to their appetite for food.

    • Circadian Rhythm
      Mentioned both by Maddy and by Jonathan, this is a roughly 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings (not just humans), from the latin circa (around) and dies (day). Circadian rhythms affect our patterns of sleep, feeding, brainwave activity, cell regeneration and hormone production. They can be generally affected by light and dark, as in the storyline, leading to disorientation and insomnia. In certain cases disruption of the rhythms can also lead to other more serious conditions.

    • Jonathan: Look, I can't do this if you're going to keep gabbling away like Ena Sharples.
      Ena Sharples was a character in the soap Coronation Street, played by Violet Carson. She was well known for her hair nets and gossip. She was one of the original Street characters, appearing from 9 December 1960 until 2 April 1980.