Jonathan Creek

Season 2 Episode 6

Mother Redcap

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 1998 on BBC
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Mother Redcap
A High Court judge, presiding over a Triad trial, is stabbed to death in his bed while under police protection.

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    Brian Murphy

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    Judge Forrest Sweetland

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • At the beginning of the episode, the Inspector is describing possible suspects and their special skills - one of whom is a seasoned hitman, one of whom is martial arts expert. The third, he warns, is a suicide bomber. How could he possibly know this? Suicide bombers don't exactly make a career of it - it's a strictly one-time event!

      • *Spoiler Warning*
        The murder itself, when the coroner is examining the body is still believed to be a stabbing. She mentions that the weapon went through the heart and is 'barely a millimetre' in width. This is patently not true, as we see once the weapon is revealed as a spike. Presumably, the writer meant barely a centimetre, since a millimetre would almost make even a needle out of the question as a weapon.

      • *** Spoilers ahead ***
        The setup for the murder is not very smart, and it is actually very unlikely to kill someone like this. In order to kill, the victim should make contact not only with an electrode - the clock, or the pins in case of the Redcap - but also make another contact with either another electrode or ground. In the Redcap, that may have been some metal radiator. But in the case of the judge there is no electrode or ground: his bed is made of wood which is non-conductive. His mattress might have been conductive if it was a very poor quality box-spring - unlikely for a man of his standing - but even so, it is placed in a wooden bed. At most he might have felt a little tingle or a prick when his arm had brushed the bed table, thus making a circuit. But this would certainly not have killed him, nor even stunned him enough to be stabbed without resisting.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Maddy: So what are you saying? Something appeared outside that window that frightened seven grown men to death? Why am I getting this image of George Formby on a ladder?

      • Maddy: Morning. Someone said you did the PM on that old lady they brought in last night. I just wondered if you could tell me what she died of.
        Coroner: Not to you. That information's confidential.
        Maddy: Shame. I suppose I'll just have to put these photographs in the post then. Sorry about that. 'Bye
        Coroner: Just a minute. What photographs?
        Maddy: Photographs, Mrs Climpson, that I think might be of considerable interest to your husband.
        (Coroner Climpson grabs the envelope to reveal innocuous photos of football players.)
        Maddy: So he's not really a Chelsea fan, then?

      • Jason Tippett [ eating a Chinese meal with chopsticks ]: I know exactly what you're thinking at this minute?
        Maddy: I suppose a fork's out of the question?
        Jason: I beg your pardon?
        Maddy: Sorry? [ to the waiter ] Excuse me, could you get me something with prongs?

      • Jonathan: How is it?
        Maddy: Bliss. Utter pure bliss. I've finally found something you are crap at. Food. Ugh. This is absolutely horrible. The worst Caesar Salad I have tasted in my life ever. Bar none. Ugh. Ugh.
        Jonathan: Maybe I overdid the raw egg?
        Maddy: Raw? You're supposed to wait until the chicken's laid it. Did no-one ever tell you – the first rule when preparing lettuce: take off the slugs.
        Jonathan: What you talking about? Slugs – they're anchovies.
        Maddy: Look, get your coat, we'll go down the chippie.
        Maddy [ as Jonathan disappears upstairs and she takes another mouthful of salad ]: Mmmmm.

      • Maddy: What's that theory? That absolutely everything that happens in the world is somehow connected to everything else? I read an article once, that if a man breaks wind in Houslow, it can affect a hurricane in Java. In fact I think I know the man they're talking about; travels on the Circle Line.

      • Ken Speed [ driving erratically through the streets of London ]: Of course, technically I'm retired. That's a joke. After the third bypass they put me behind a desk, told me if you don't watch the stress levels you could go at any moment. Well, of course, they're so short staffed… [ swerving to avoid a car ] You brainless little turd! I'll nick your Brylcreemed arse. Did you see that? Came straight out. Didn't even look. On another planet some of these people.
        Jonathan: Still, we're in good time, would you say? No hurry?
        Speed: Then you've got my daughter, says she's gay. What's that all about? Expecting her first baby in a month, courtesy of the local sperm bank. What are they going to put on the birth certificate? Father: Some Wanker? God only knows what the world's coming to.
        Jonathan: Yes. Well. In a minute or two we'll be able to ask him.

      • Jonathan: What was it Sherlock Holmes said to Dr Watson?
        Maddy: Get your kit off and give us a kiss?

    • NOTES (1)

      • Judge Sweetland's wife is taken to see three possible Chinese hitmen in cells at the police station. In fact, all were played by the same actor: Mark Wang.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Title: Mother Redcap
        There are several pubs called the Mother Redcap in Britain. Originally Mother Redcap was the name given to an 'ale wife' responsible for beer brewing. An infamous old woman, also called Mother Redcap was part of a band of wreckers, who lured ships to the rocks and plundered them. In 1597 Anthony Munday and Michael Drayton wrote a play entitled Mother Recap about this.

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