Jonathan Creek

Friday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered May 10, 1997 Between Seasons





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  • The best of British crime detection with a quirky twist - the wonderful Jonathan Creek himself and Alan Davies at his most eccentric! A good old fashioned murder mystery!

    The first three series of Jonathan Creek follows the story of Madeline Magellan who is an investigative journalist and who has a penchant for sticking her nose in where it isn't wanted! Of course she would say that this is what makes her such a great journalist! In the very first episode Maddy comes across Jonathan Creek whilst she is writing a piece about the death of a prominent artist (Hedley Shale).

    At the time, Jonathan is making his living in an ideal profession, designing illusions for an American, arrogant and clueless magician called Adam Klaus. It is Jonathan that has a brilliantly lateral mind and finds the answer to the even the most difficult of clues within hours! As can be seen in the episode No Trace of Tracy, he is at his most useful when he is playing logic games.

    Although Jonathan is quite a quiet man, he won’t let anyone take him for granted – particularly Maddy, which makes the chemistry between them interesting to say the least! He might not be the best looking but he is definitely cute and women find him extremely attractive – including Maddy – with whom he tries to form a relationship but it just doesn’t turn out as they had both hoped! His one failing perhaps is that he allows arrogant Adam to take the credit for his illusions! It is true he likes to take a back seat to limelight but thankfully Maddy does the right thing and mentions him in her work! Jonathan considers his work for Adam as being on the same par as a “bank commercial”! Actually this is quite ironic because Alan Davies made many commercials for television for a well-known Building Society!

    Deep down, Jonathan is a kind person who likes to see people smile when he makes his jokes; but he hates the inevitable public failing … that as soon as people know he “does magic tricks” they will expect to see him do one … like Maddy did on their first lunch date together!

    There is no doubt that Jonathan Creek is extremely charming and part of his charm is that he lives in a wonderful windmill, which is in the middle of nowhere (although near a railway station!) and is seen on a regular basis – including hilariously when a giant dummy revolves around it … and … even on one occasion when Jonathan walks across his bedroom completely starkers!

    Of course actress Caroline Quentin went on to different things … and all good things have to come to an end! But then up popped Carla, with whom he did start a relationship, but because of a misunderstanding … he hiccupped and Carla mis-heard what Jonathan said about her father … Carla went off and married someone else!!! Of course Carla realized the errors of her ways … but it is too late for them because Jonathan is too good natured and decent to have an affair with a married woman! Unlike Adam of course who would have anything if it had a pulse!

    It was a great shame when the series ended so suddenly. Alan Davies had done a brilliant job as JC. His transition from stand-up comedian to actor is outstanding! The best thing about the series is that everything worked well; it quickly became a very comfortable to watch every week. Personally I got withdrawal symptoms when it wasn’t on! Ridiculous really! But of course I like to be entertained … and Jonathan Creek was the best entertainment you could wish for!

    I think it is time it came back … don’t you??
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