Jonathan Creek

Season 5 Episode 2

The Chequered Box

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2004 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • The timeline is definitely off in this episode. Carla is invited to dinner by Fell and arrives as the sun is definitely going down. In the next scene we see Jonathan, Adam and the reporter in the park where Adam is being 'crucified'. It is obviously no later than mid afternoon. Jonathan is warned what the reporter has seen and rings Carla at Fell's. By now it is lateish night and they have just finished dinner.

  • Quotes

    • Carla: This is what you spent the last three nights glued to after supper? Yeuch!
      Brendan: You mock me people, but listen to this. "We thought you would like to know that the endoscopy of your transverse colon was judged to be the perfect archetype of its kind and was first choice for inclusion in our reference library." Yes! "In addition, the panel were highly impressed by an earlier study of your fallopian tubes, which was also felt to be of exceptional… Fallopian tubes?"
      Jonathan: Yes. This envelope. [ showing envelope written to Brenda Baxter ] You don't think they could have got you mixed up with someone else or anything?
      Carla: Oh great, so what are we saying now? This wasn't even your video in the first place?
      Brendan: How in hell did that happen? Hang on, where did you get that tape from?
      Carla: I don't know. It was on top of the TV wasn't it, where you left it?
      Brendan:No, I left it on the table here… [realising] That is the video survey they did on our drain, where they feed the camera down the pipe and… I mean that's what you think my insides look like is it? With great tree roots poking through and all that sludge and…
      Carla: Well, I don't know do I? I'm not an expert.
      Brendan: Not an exper…! Never mind, come on or we'll be late for this do – to which you're more than welcome Jonathan, if it appeals, the ITV winter press launch.
      Carla: Brendan's got four new primetime shows this year, about to be previewed.
      Brendan: Unless of course you'd rather stay here and stare at the contents of a sewer…
      Jonathan: No contest, Brendan.

    • (Carla is hunting through a pile of rubbish for clues.)
      Carla: If we could just raise our game for a moment and try and be sensible about this.
      Jonathan: Yes, coming from someone who's looking for a lump of spearmint up a chicken's bottom – that's sound advice.

    • (Carla and Inspector Fell are at hospital viewing two decapitation victims.)
      Fell: The heads are on the wrong bodies.
      Paramedic: How can you tell?
      Fell: You've got a black guy and a white guy. Call it intuition.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jonathan: What would Tex Avery have done here, I wonder?
      Spoken as Jonathan is watching Adam in what he describes as a classic cartoon dilemma, slung on a cross that is in danger of collapsing into a large pile of manure. The allusion is to the famous animator, who was born in 1908 and who was responsible for the creation of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

    • Jonathan: Like the one in Hellraiser, whose demonic portals spewed forth the progeny of the damned?
      Carla has been talking about Fell's Chequered Box; Jonathan's reference is to the 1987 film written and directed by Clive Barker (based on his story The Hellbound Heart), about a small wooden box that, when manipulated in a a certain way, released the Cenobites, denizens of hell, who had very specific and very gory ways of killing people.

    • Jonathan Creek [ on seeing Carla with the contents of the inspector's dustbin spread out all over the floor ]: It's like a major Tracey Emin retrospective.
      This is a reference to the famous artist, who first came to public attention with her installation My Bed, which consisted of her own unmade, dirty bed, complete with used condoms and discarded underwear. It received very mixed reviews!