Jonathan Creek

Episode 3

The Grinning Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 01, 2009 on BBC

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  • A Hunted House, a dissapearence that can't be explained, and a murder that perhaps wasn't a murder? Jonathans back!

    There are 3 mysteries for Jonathan and new sidekick Joey Ross in 'The Grining Man'. The first is the dissaperance of Joey's friend in an supposed haunted Attic room in a fellow magicians house, then the dissaperence and, what appears to be murder of the magicians assistant and the picture of the grinning man, who was saved in a fire!

    When David Tennent decided to quit 'Who' Alan Davis's name was mentioned with others. Watching Alan on QI you might think he couldn't take on the role, a cherpy comedian who keeps falling in to Stephen Fry's traps. But here he shows he could. Jonathan Creek is someone you belive spends time trying to work out things. He's the type of person who would go though a fun house and then tell you how it's done. Whilst Alan Davis is not that man he can act to, for the duration of the show, belive that he is. This is his Doctor part, which means whilst we know he can play the part, we also know he never will because of Jonathan Creek!

    However, ever Doctor Must have a companion, and Jonathan Creek must have a Journo sidekick and Big Finish Doctor Who companion Seridan Smith takes the roll! This time she is not a Journalist who investigates for a paper but has a website where she answers peoples questions on how magic tricks are done. Seridan, being much younger than Alan, there is no will they won't they tension as there were with Carla and Maddy. Whilst love for Jonathan is taken up by Katherine Parkinson (C4's the IT crowd)I found Katherine's role very 2 dimentional and not what I want, it may be best if Jonathans love affars were left for the series, if a series does happen...

    For the rest of the show, you are kept guessing on the main 2 myteries, and the final you are kept in suspense until the final revial in true Jonathan Creek style! Well played all round lets hope the BBC decide to return this to fill the 7 o'clock saturday slot instead of more Graham Norton talent shows!