Jonathan Creek

Season 5 Episode 1

The Seer of the Sands

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2004 on BBC

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  • But in all the right ways. A guy dies in a boating crash; his lover is convinced his spirit is talking to her.

    Well this one has it all - mysterious death, even more mysterious gypsies, disappearing body, supposed miracles - it's all left up to Jonathan to point out the reality behind the smoke and mirrors.

    The performances are spot on - the story is the usual very bizarre sequence of events that we love about JC. This one I have to admit is a little far-fetched even for this series, and there is the feeling that David Renwick might be having to stretch his imagination a little for ideas!

    Eve Polycarpou is wonderful as the gypsy woman with her 'insights' into another world. The five question trick is pretty good. You do have to suspend your disbelief from a great height, but it's all great fun and very British. And I love the scene where JC and Carla have their hair glued together whilst trying to chase after the gypsy!

    Not one of the classic episodes, but pretty good anyway.