Jonathan Creek

Season 2 Episode 2

Time Waits for Norman

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1998 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • When Maddy says she's going to have a 'shufty' round Norman's room, she hands Antonia an uncooked chicken to "get the lunch on." She goes upstairs, looks in his wardrobe, then in his laundry basket, finding him in the bath, and gives up, going back downstairs, by which time not only is the chicken cooked and ready to carve, but all the vegetables are cooked too. It's feasible that Maddy might have spent a few more minutes looking round upstairs, but a raw chicken and roast potatoes would take a lot longer to cook!

  • Quotes

    • (Jonathan is showing two waitresses a photo.)
      1st Waitress: No question. Thursday morning. This is the guy, he sent that cup of coffee flying.
      2nd Waitres: I mean you can't go wrong, it's him. Definitely.
      Jonathan: You're absolutely positive.
      Both waitresses: Mmm.
      2nd Waitress: What – has he robbed a bank or something?
      1st Waitress: Or chopped up an old lady? Look at those eyes. Well, I had my doubts when he first came in.
      Jonathan: Interesting. This is a photo of Newt Gingrich: the Speaker of the American House of Representatives.
      2nd Waitress: Brilliant!
      1st Waitress: In our Wimpy?

    • Maddy: 9 o'clock too early?
      Jonathan: Not for me.
      Maddy [snappily]: Let's say 8 then.
      (Next morning.)
      Jonathan: Twenty past ten! Thanks!
      Maddy: It's a bad time of the month.
      Jonathan: You said that 13 days ago.
      Maddy: Yes, all right then, I overslept. Trust you to keep count!

    • Maddy [ of Rebecca ]: Didn't you get suspicious when you were running your fingers through her hair and she wasn't even in the room?

    • (A man is surprised to find Maddy in the gents' toilet.)
      Maddy: Yes, all right. You never see a transvestite before?

    • (Jonathan is tasting several jars of preserves with his fingers.)
      Jonathan: Who makes all the chutney and mayonnaise round here? Your mother?
      Rebecca: Yes… I'd leave that one! It's bull semen.

    • Maddy [ over the phone ]: Jonathan, how you doing? Look I know it's late, I just wanted to say… Oh yes! Rupert, that's incredible. You beast. What are you doing to me? Oh go on, take me! I'm powerless to resist.
      Jonathan: How many men you down to?
      Maddy: Four pawns and a bishop.
      Jonathan: Resign.

    • Maddy [ adopting a seductive tone, as romantic music plays ]: Jonathan, seriously, you and me we're a team. We don't need that kind of friction. A little friction could be quite nice. Hey, seen the time? You've missed your last train. We both know what this means.
      Jonathan [ uncertain ]: Do we?
      (Romantic music stops abruptly)
      Maddy: Six hour wait at that sodding station. Oh well. Find yourself a nice bench. Try not to sit in any vomit, it'll soon go. Isn't that what they say Jonathan? Time flies.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: Time Waits for Norman
      This is a rather corny play on words of the famous phrase "Time and tide waits for no man", the origins of which are not wholly clear, though it can clearly be traced back to at least the sixteenth century, and is concerned with the nature of certainty and uncertainty. Quite apt, given the subject matter of the episode.

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