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Jonny Quest

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Jonny Quest chronicles the globe-trotting adventures of 10-year-old Jonny Quest and his father the scientific genius Dr. Benton Quest. Along for the derring-do are the multi-faceted Roger "Race" Bannon, the mystical Hadji, and Jonny's dog, the irrepressible Bandit. The Quest team uses science, space-age gadgetry, and old-fashioned fisticuffs to solve mysteries and try to thwart the evil doings of Dr. Zin and other diabolical madmen. When Jonny Quest ended its original run in 1965, it was far from finished. A new version of the show went into syndication in 1986 for a short 13 episode stay as The New Adventures of Jonny Quest (1986). Another version, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, emerged on the Cartoon Network with 2 full seasons of new and exciting adventures with an adolescent Jonny, Hadji, and Race's young daughter Jessie in 1996. Jonny Quest has successfully run three series since the 1960's and is still a well-known and loved classic today. The original series (with period commercials for the show!) is currently available on DVD through Warner Bros.moreless

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  • Don Messick

    Don Messick

    Dr. Benton Quest / Bandit

    Mike Road

    Mike Road

    Roger "Race" Bannon

    Tim Matheson

    Tim Matheson

    Jonny Quest

    Danny Bravo

    Danny Bravo


    John Stephenson

    John Stephenson

    Dr.Benton Quest

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    • They traveled the world, look out! a kid might have learned something from this cartoon.

      With only 26 episodes, something went wrong in the top office, either it was too smart or somebody at Hanna Barbera didn't like all the gun action, and people actually got killed in this cartoon, they did not come back with only gun powder on their face.

      As well as Race Bannon and his girlfriends, as if kids never seen such things in the 1960's,... but maybe not in cartoons. It was meant for 8-12 year olds? maybe to many 5 year olds watched, yeah, they might have learned something. Nothing they never seen before on TV, as if they didn't watch Westerns. The adventures of "Jonny Quest" was yanked after one season. 1964-1965.

      Rumors are they may have went over budget. But did not realize just how good of a cartoon they had until 3 years later.

      Whatever the reason, this show shoulda had a 4 year run. 90 to 100 episodes would have been great.

      It still stands the test of time.moreless
    • Action adventure series.

      Wow. I picked up the first (only?) season on DVD last week, and it left me stunned. "Jonny Quest" takes elements of scifi, horror and action/adventure, combining them into a very effective blend that is, by turns, thrilling, scary and funny. With its jazz score and scientific gadgets, it has the feel of a James Bond movie. And the menaces the main characters confront are awesome: a robot spy, a creature from the bottom of the sea, a twisted scientist as brilliant as Jonny's father, a living mass of energy. The animation is well-done and miles ahead of anything else Hanna-Barbera did at the time (such as "Space Ghost" and "Herculoids"). The writing is strong, the central characters--Dr. Quest, Jonny, Hadji and Race--are likable, and there isn't a single episode that fails to entertain.moreless
    • Dr. Benton Quest, with his son Johnny. Race Bannon Government bodyguard/teacher for Johnny and Haji an adopted boy from India, and their many adventures together.

      I watched this so much. It was the greatest action adventure show in animation bar-none. How many shows were trying things from popular science in it's day? A single father raising a son, just wasn't done in animation. Adopting a boy from a country like India added to a phonominal show. The innovations this show introduced were staggering. To show that people actually died in an animation show was just unbelievable. It seems to me they might have been pressured by someone to cancel the show. Too many innovations. Jealous executives, maybe? How about the innovations making someone just a little bit nervous in Washington? You never know. It was a show before it's time, most definatly.moreless
    • What else could be said..........

      I loved this show on reruns as a child. The adventure sequences are fabulous. The sociological make-up of the show did not hit me until later. It was, without a doubt, way ahead of its time. Multi-cultural and modern family type situation. The storylines, with the supernatural element, were great too. This series was a serious "Scooby Doo". Some comedy, but more interesting character developement. Good animation for the 1960s and excellent view on an attempt at social value alteration. This series was not on the air very long and that was a real shame. Given a bit longer, it might have become the hit it should have been.moreless
    • Classic. Timeless. The difference was clear: treat the viewer with dignity and intelligence. The newer cartoons do not allow the viewer to think, they spell your only options out for you. Assumes you are not intelligent, even if only a five year old.moreless

      This cartoon, my favorite children's show only to Land of the Lost and Fractured Fairy Tales, was so real. It wasn't really a cartoon, but an animated movie of sorts. The stories were believable. Okay maybe far fetched, if you did not live near swamps and fly a jet or helicopter, and then there were the mummies....but at least Bandit did not speak English (Scooby, ahem). I enjoyed it, I think as the only girl in my town, as a "Nancy Drew" type storyline come to life. It was the mystery. And reality. There were no coloured blobs for characters, no talking cars, no animals that wore clothes....It was real to me. Even if only for that half hour. The plot let you decide what you would do, and what the consequences would be, and you hoped it was correct!! To allow children in a cartoon to have control over their decisions & not be barked at by the adults in the background---that is what is instrumental for many kids. It allowed children to be equals on the same playing field with the adults, as well as make decisions that they ultimately could be held accountable for. Empowerment at it's best!!moreless

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