Jonny Quest

ABC (ended 1965)





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  • Classic. Timeless. The difference was clear: treat the viewer with dignity and intelligence. The newer cartoons do not allow the viewer to think, they spell your only options out for you. Assumes you are not intelligent, even if only a five year old.

    This cartoon, my favorite children's show only to Land of the Lost and Fractured Fairy Tales, was so real. It wasn't really a cartoon, but an animated movie of sorts. The stories were believable. Okay maybe far fetched, if you did not live near swamps and fly a jet or helicopter, and then there were the mummies....but at least Bandit did not speak English (Scooby, ahem). I enjoyed it, I think as the only girl in my town, as a "Nancy Drew" type storyline come to life. It was the mystery. And reality. There were no coloured blobs for characters, no talking cars, no animals that wore clothes....It was real to me. Even if only for that half hour. The plot let you decide what you would do, and what the consequences would be, and you hoped it was correct!! To allow children in a cartoon to have control over their decisions & not be barked at by the adults in the background---that is what is instrumental for many kids. It allowed children to be equals on the same playing field with the adults, as well as make decisions that they ultimately could be held accountable for. Empowerment at it's best!!