Jonny Quest

Season 1 Episode 20

The Invisible Monster

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 1965 on ABC

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  • I consider this the best episode of the series.

    This was not only one of the scariest shows of the series, it was one of the scariest all around. The steady, implacable approach of the invisible whatever, the bizarre "negative effect" when the victims were consumed, and, most of all, that intense music, jacking the tension up to the screaming point. The scene where Hadji was left stranded, and snatched up just in the nick of time ("Once around the park, fellows!") was great, as was Jonny tearing out to rescue his panicked dog. And I thought Dr. Quest must be the bravest man in the world to face that thing alone.

    I didn't mind it when the invisible became visible--after all, as they pointed out, in order to destroy it, they had to have a clear view of it, and if that wasn't the creepiest-looking thing I've ever seen....

    Someone else obviously agrees with me. Years later, I was watching the epsisode "The Energy Eater" from "Kolchak: The Night Stalker". Also an invisible thing, they got an image of it by putting together dozens of X-rays that had been in a room the monster rampaged through. When they finally pieced them all together, I yelled out loud, "That's the monster from Jonny Quest!"

    You can't keep a good monster down!
  • A colleague of Dr. Quest's brings a mass of energy to life.

    This is what I consider to be one of the series' horror episodes. Dr. Norman, a scientist working on an isolated island with something he calls molecular energy, loses control of his experiment. In the ensuing explosion, a seething bubble of energy escapes his lab. He realizes the energy mass is alive and calls Dr. Quest for help. By the time Dr. Quest arrives, the energy monster has devoured Dr. Norman, and Dr. Quest races to destroy the creature as it moves across the island, consuming everything in its path. The episode builds tension from the start, as we see the newborn monster walking invisibly away from the ruined lab, its feet burning holes in the ground. (Makers of horror films take note: this is how you scare viewers.) One of the most suspenseful moments is when the monster bears down on a stranded Hadji. The only thing that keeps this episode from perfection is the moment when Dr. Quest and Race douse the monster with paint to make it visible. Sometimes the scariest monster is the one you don't see, and that definitely applies here. However, even after the monster is visible, there is still a lot action and suspense, thanks to some great writing. And music is used very effectively throughout to heighten the visuals.
  • Despite its flaws, without doubt the best episode of this fine series.

    The episode opens, as many do, with the Quest team responding to a desperate plea for help. We see here the optimism of science, how Dr. Quest will put his towering intellect to work making the world a better place. It is nicely contrasted against the episode's central theme, which is that science, while impersonal, can be misused or used carelessly, often with dire consequences. Dr. Quest's triumph, and sad coda commenting on Dr. Norman, suggest that while science sometimes causes problems, it more often solves those problems. This is an optimism now largely gone from the world.

    Effects are first rate, from the hideous "eye" of the eventually revealed monster, to its weird ululating cry. And as is usually the case, the trademark Quest music adds to the feel and tone.

    The episode has a few inconsistencies, mostly pointed out on the trivia page, that detract from it just enough to make it merely excellent, instead of flawless.
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