Jonny Quest

Season 1 Episode 20

The Invisible Monster

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jan 28, 1965 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • There is a new VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) plane in this episode to replace the smaller plane that was destroyed in the episode, "The Fraudulent Volcano".

    • When Dr. Quest is hooking up the wire to the power pole, he dosn't have a safty belt on.

    • Jonny's mouth doesn't move when he calls Bandit to stop following Dr. Quest, as Quest flies off to become the monster's bait.

    • When the monster is painted, he doesn't leaves any footprints.

    • Race is holding the blue painted bomb and he held it for at least several seconds after Dr. Quest throws his bomb, but the Race's bomb explods first.

    • The bag of paint Race is carrying all have ties on it except for one scene.

    • When revealed, the creature had an eye and a mouth. Since it consumes energy, and is drawn to energy, there is no reason for it to have either of these. One presumes the writers felt it needed a few features to suggest a monstrous nature; the animators change the shape of the eye to show very human-like emotions. Sometimes the worst monsters are those that share some of our own characteristics...

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  • Notes

    • John Stephenson provides the voice of Isaiah Norman and he orginally provided the voice for Dr. Quest.

    • Arguably considered one of the best episodes of the series by fans. It has the classic "science gone wrong" and "secrets man was not meant to know" feel characteristic of 1960's era science fiction. Films such as THEM and television series like The Outer Limits also successfully explored and exploited these themes.

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