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FOX (ended 2005)



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Jonny Zero

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Jonny Calvo's just finished serving his sentence for killing a man. Now back in society, he is determined to change his ways for good and reconcile with his ex-wife and son. However, going straight is tougher than first thought when his former employer, Garrett, seeks his services to return to his old ways, the FBI wants him to inform on Garrett and people he doesn't even know keep asking him for help.
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  • Fox showed no love

    I don't know what frankie g did to the executives at Fox but it musta been something really really bad to warrant how they treated the show. Not only did they put it on the friday night death slot when most people who would enjoy the show would be out for the night, but they also aired the episodes out of order.

    One of the easiest ways to tell is in the third episode. A character (I think his name was Tom) died during the episode and two episodes later, he is alive and well. This is the type of show that would need to be aired in order because of the continuous plot progression from episode to episode. Unlike other shows where each episode is its own thing.

    Its sad, it had potential.moreless
  • Treated very unfairly

    There's no easy way to say it but, who in their right damn mind would put this show in the Friday Night Deathslot! They never really gave this chance to show it's potential and that is the reason why it failed. But luckily for viewers in Australia, ABC is showing the show late on a Monday night. Late, but still I can watch it. If anyone knows where I can download the rest of the episodes, that would make my day. It's a shame that a show this good had to be canned because of poor management. I'm sure other people would've like this show had it not been for the Friday Night timeslot.moreless
  • Better than everyone leads it on to be.

    Honestly, this wasn't a bad show. It just seems as though no one was going to give this show a chance, granted, this should've been on with Firefly.

    This was a good show in that it wasn't really like others that are on. Sure, we've all heard these kinds of stories but this didn't play out like others. Although it needed a bit of fixing at the loose ends, it had the potential to be a great show.

    Fast-paced and dark, this drama (bit of comedy here and there) was action-packed and even had substance (heart) behind it. The style may have thrown people off a bit but when you actually pay attention to it, Jonny Zero had endless entertainment value.

    Guess people just aren't ready for a Latino action hero at the helm of a show.moreless
  • Come on, I thought it was great!

    Who could ask for more beyond the sheer hottness of Franky G and his clearly gay best friend? I mean, the gay tension was almost melting off my screen! Which, I can admit, was the only reason I watched in the first place. Just give me a thin smear of plot and pile on the skin!
  • Fun while it lasted!!

    Jonny Zero was an interesting approach to the low down stories on the streets. Following the "Jonny Calvo" character out of jail, trying to seek redemption and, even though it wasnt his intensions, straight back in to trouble had me hooked. A good different angle on viewing this genre. The "Street" angle these days all look the same but this was different. It displayed a healthy mix of above average performances, great production and pushing stories to entertain. Most would say it was 'crap tv!' but for some reason I watched an episode and then kept watching week after week. For a casual day tv program, it's a winner.moreless

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