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Jonny Zero

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

A man who's been convicted of insider trading, skips bail in order to see his pregnant wife give birth. As a bounty hunter searches for the father, Jonny is hired to keep the hunter busy until the birth.

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      • Jonny: (to Aly) You gotta be kidding me about this twenty-five percent business. We ever work together, I get half.

      • Conny: (to Mason) You got stones kid, I like that. Unfortunately I still got to kill you.

      • Jonny: If I was going to slip up, it wasn't going to be with heroin and I sure as hell wasn't going to shoot it up my butt-cheek. You want me to show you the needle mark?
        (Jonny goes to pull down his pants, Gloria backs off)
        Gloria: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

      • Gloria: What the hell you doing coming in here five hours late?
        Jonny: I actually have an unbelievable explanation.
        Gloria: Then I'm probably not going to believe it.

      • Jonny: Take a long look at her, Mason. Burn that image into your head. Because your daughter's face haunting you every second, is the only thing that's going to get you through. You're gonna serve your time quietly. Try to get out early on good behaviour. And be damn grateful for the opportunity to realize, what's important.

      • (Jonny is cuffed to his car door and he knocks out Conny)
        Aly: What took ya?
        Jonny: You mind getting this thing off me?
        Aly: Good thing I didn't cuff you to the engine block.

      • Aly: Listen Jonny, you're a liability in your condition, you have to wait in the car while I do this, I don't want any argu...
        (She looks at Jonny who is fast asleep)

      • Jonny: (stoned) My nose itches.
        (Aly scratches it for him)
        Jonny: I have to go see Gloria.
        Aly: Who's Gloria?
        Jonny: Jealous?
        Aly: (sarcastically) Yeah. You're a real catch.
        Jonny: You think I'm cute.

      • Garret: (to Aly) I have no idea who you are. And I really don't care. But if any ill fortune should befall my good friend here, you and I are going to get to know each other, intimate. (pause) Good day. Sweetheart.

      • (About Jonny)
        Garret: He's stoned. What is it?
        (Random mumbles something incoherent)
        Garret: (shouting) I said what is it?!
        Aly: Heroin.
        Garret: Who did this to him?
        Random: Don't look at me man, I don't even use sugar substitutes.

      • (Aly carries Jonny back to his place)
        Random: What happened to him?
        Aly: He got stuck with a needle full of smack in his arse and he hasn't been too much help.

      • Aly: You think I'm cute.
        (Jonny smiles as he knocks a weapon out of her hand)
        Aly: Okay, okay. Don't need it anyway.
        (With her other hand, she pulls a gun on Jonny.)
        Jonny: All right. How about a truce?

      • (Jonny drags Aly from out of the bed after she tries to shock him with the taser)
        Aly: Hi. (pause) Well, could you help a lady up?

      • (About Jonny)
        Jericho: You think he's making it?
        Random: Making what?
        Jericho: Making it, on the outside.
        Random: Yeah, of course. Yeah, I think he is. You know before, right?
        Jericho: A bit.
        Random: He seem different to you?
        Jericho: Everybody that comes out of prison's a little different. You kill another man, a little piece of you dies with him.
        Random: You speaking from experience?
        (Jericho does not answer)

      • Mason: Did you know that you were going to have a son? Did you find out ahead of time or did you want to be surprised?
        Jonny: I didn't found out until after a couple of days he was born.

      • Eve: Bite me.
        Garret: Oh, I shall.

      • Mason: You got kids?
        Jonny: A son.
        Mason: Were you there when he was born?
        Jonny: I missed it.
        Mason: Well, you know how much this means to me.

      • Jonny: Let me tell you something. When I hit somebody, I'm not gonna wait three days for them to go down, you feel me? Huh, you see.
        Random: That's why you need my ninja skills.
        Jonny: You can keep them.

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