Jonny Zero

Season 1 Episode 5

I Did It All for the Nooky

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Deshawn Wallace's details on his drivers license:
      DOB: 12-03-73
      Address: 1178 100th St, Brooklyn NY 11230

    • Duke Valenti (Todd) was killed in the third episode, but he appears in this episode because FOX aired the episodes out of order.

  • Quotes

    • Jackie Wallace: Do you have children?
      Jonny: A son. He's eight.
      Jackie Wallace: Enjoy him while he's young. They grow up overnight.

    • Random: You swear you'll give Nooky my tape?
      Jonny: I swear.
      Random: On your mama's grave?
      Jonny: (angrily) My mom's not dead.
      Random: All right. Your mama's health?
      Jonny: Leave my mom out of this.

    • Jonny: I don't know anything about computers.
      Random: Well, you don't know nothing about friendship either.

    • (Jonny gives Random wrong directions and ends up in a farm)
      Random: (angrily to a Goat) What you eyeballin', huh?

    • Jonny: Must've taken a lot of hard work to get where you are.
      Nooky: Damn straight.
      Jonny: So why don't you rappers talk about that? It's always about money, cars, hoes and besides, I don't want my kid thinking that cars and cash are the answers to everything.
      Nooky: It's entertainment man. Cash and cars may not be the answer to everything but they sure as hell help put a stop to a lot of questions.

    • Jonny: What do you know about Nooky's cousin?
      Keisha: Besides that fact he's an idiot.

    • Jonny: You wanna know how to survive on the streets?
      Random: Yeah.
      Jonny: Keep your mouth shut.

    • Random: I can provide Keisha with a little "close protection".
      Jonny: As what? A human shield? You can barely protect yourself.

    • Jonny: He's lucky to have you for a mother. And I was lucky to have you as a wife. But I know I can never get that back.

    • Random: Yo Easy Rider. I'm on the list man. DJ Random.
      Todd: DJ Random. (checks list) Don't have it.
      Random: Did you look under 'D' or 'R'?
      Todd: Both.
      Random: Could you look again?
      Todd: No!

    • (Jonny pours bullets into a glass and gives Pillsbury the unloaded gun)
      Jonny: You can have these back when you leave.
      Pillsbury: Next time you pull a gun on me, you'd better be ready to use it or you'll keep those bullets in your head.

    • Random: Yo Snooky don't like Nooky

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scene where Random is walking to the club is similar to John Travolta's walk in 'Saturday Night Fever' to the tune of 'Staying Alive' by 'The Bee Gees'. (Although the song is slightly modernized when Random is walking)