Jonny Zero

Season 1 Episode 7

Lost and Found

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • Great story and character development. After discovering this episode I taped 3 years ago, I again realize how original and entertaining the show JONNY ZERO was.

    Franky G played a good guy, Jonny Calvo, in tough MacGyver/Cop like-situations. "Lost & Found" wasn't any different.

    A special episode of the series. Random discovers his roots ( he is half-Jewish), and Jonny gets sucked into working with his old boss, Garret, once again by the end of the episode, ditching his friend and boss at the Boxing house. Good action, music, and plot. Jason Cerbone (Jackie Aprile Jr from The Sopranos- Season 2 & 3) guest stars.

    "Lost & Found" did poorly in the ratings basically due to Fox's lack of Promotion and Friday night line-up. If only JONNY ZERO was on a "24" night...there would have been a larger audience and a full season...
  • We need more than the pilots to be done. With some more development of the characters and their backgrounds, it would be a better success.

    The stunts on Jonny Zero were really cool ones. The amount of thought put into them was cool. The stunt coordinators were cool folks too. The stunt where the guy gets close lined was brutal looking. I believe that day it was raining and the crew was still smiling. The over all moral of the crew was great. This episode "Lost & Found" was interesting. The way the "law" seemed to bust the chops of the star. Although it is highly unlikely that any person previously in jail would get consideration for any job, especially one such as a good guy vigilante. Without too much seriousness in reality, this episode was great to watch. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future.