Joseph Campbell: Mythos

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Joseph Campbell: Mythos

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Joseph Campbell: Mythos is a multi-part documentary television series consisting of lectures by Joseph Campbell, which originally ran on PBS for 4 seasons, totaling 20 episodes, and was produced by the Joseph Campbell foundation. The series investigates popular myths, delving into surprising facts about the human mythic impulse in terms of psychology, ethnology, and comparative mythology. In the last 6 years of his life, Campbell delivered these lectures to share his life’s findings about the subject of myths, a phenomenon that has been around for all of recorded human existence. Campbell discusses why myths exist, how they differ, but also resemble one another, across cultures, and what they did to shape mindsets and civilization. He discusses why certain myths took on different forms and played more heavily with certain themes at different times, as well as why myths are important at all. Joseph Campbell: Mythos varies along three major themes: the shaping of our mythic tradition, the shaping of eastern tradition, and the shaping of western tradition. For an informative lecture series about a fascinating topic, check out PBS’s Joseph Campbell: Mythos.moreless

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