Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space

CBS (ended 1974)





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  • never saw this

    They must have been running out of material-the orginal cartoon series was silly but much better. This is more or less than a rip offof Gilligans Island in Outer Space. By the way they did get back to earth so they could guest star as themselves in a 1973 epsiode Scooby Doo movie "The Haunted House boat". And after that reruns! My favotire characther was Sebastain Cat. At least this series was apared the Scooby Do dynadrome--at least lame 4 spinofs from the orginal series and a dopey movie as well! Well they did make of movie of this series-But it just wasnt the same spirt as the cartoon series-obvouisly since a movie based onScooby doo was successful why not make one of Joise and the pussycats? Agains it a case of Too late among a generations who may known what Scooby Doo was but not Josie and the Pussycats were! in fact thye dont even have Sebastian Cat in the movie! So Id say they spin of was marginally better than then orginal series-and both were better than the movie!
  • A Hanna-Barbera classic

    Time was when Hanna-Barbera, Filmation and Krofft ruled Saturday mornings. H-B had a deserved reputation for very crude, simplistic animation, but like most of their shows, this was good, clean fun. Not as good as the original show, but not that bad. Pretty repetitive plots, though. They always run into some would-be conquerer alien, defeat his minions, then take off.

    Lucky for Alexandra I wasn't on that rocket ship, though. I would have shoved her out the airlock pretty quickly. In every episode, she always screwed things up for everybody and was basically useless, sometimes doing so by being stubbornly hare-brained and headstrong just when they're back in sight of Earth. Unlike Gilligan, she wasn't well-intentioned. Everything she did was always strictly for herself. She was even worse than Dr. Smith of Lost in Space. Stupid bimbo.
  • Josie and the (this word edited by for bad language)cats accidently get launched into outer space and have an amazing series of adventures as they try to get home.

    Based on the popular comic series published by Archie comics througout most of the 1960s, Josie and the (this word edited by for bad language)cats in Outerspace gives the story a new twist when it launches the pop trio into outer space.

    The episodes almost always involve the group landing on some strange new world where they are captured or otherwise meanaced by aliens. Things look bad but then there is a song, a chase and a solution to whatever was making the aliens angry in the first place. At the end of the episode, the group is always sent on its way by the now happy and thankful aliens.

    Josie and the (this word edited by for bad language) cats is a very 70s show and closely follows the formula laid down and used by Hanna Barbera to make dozens of different cartoons during that era. I think kids can still watch and enjoy this today, only adults will catch the more dated references and the groovy 70s clothes. I call decent and rate it a 7.
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