Josie and the Pussycats

Season 1 Episode 11

All Wong in Hong Kong

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 21, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Just after the gang enter the department store, Valerie is pale-skinned in the first shot.

    • Goof: When Alexander is pulling the rickshaw, Alexandra is seated on the left side and Valerie on the right. When the Serpent's toy plane pursues them and Alex eventually changes direction, Alexandra and Valerie's positions on the rickshaw have reversed as well as Alexandra is closer onscreen instead of Valerie, even though the shot had correctly changed Josie, Alan, and Melody's positions when Alexander ran the other way.

    • Goof: After he and Alan junk the Serpent's toy soldiers, the pinstripes on Alexander's pants are missing in the next shot.

    • Goof: When Josie puts on the toy soldier uniform, the sleeves are colored blue with red stripes. But afterward, when marching with Alan and Melody in disguise, the sleeves are red with blue stripes.

  • Quotes

    • PA Announcer: Phone call for Missy Melody. Phone call for Missy Melody. Melody: Missy Melody? I wonder who that is. Valerie: That's you, Melody. Alexandra: Go answer the ding-a-ling, you ding-a-ling. Melody: Okay.

    • (After arriving at the department store)
      Melody: Now what?
      Alexandra: Those goons are right behind us.
      Valerie: Let's split up and pretend to be sales clerks.
      Alan: Good idea.
      Alexander: I'll hide...(clears throat) work in the sports department. (Runs off)
      Alexandra: You'd feel more at home in the poultry department, you chicken!

    • (At the department store)
      Valerie: Size 86 dress ma'mm? Uhh, ummm, uhhh...
      Melody: I have something which will look utterly divine on you ma'mm. (Chuckles as she takes a tent off a camping display) See ma'mm? Fits you like a tent!
      Valerie: Uh, she means "glove".
      Customer: I'll take it!
      (The girls see the henchman coming their way)
      Melody: Yikes!
      Valerie: So will we! (Takes tent off the woman so they can hide in it)

    • Valerie: To the police station, Alex. (Pulling the others on a rickshaw) Alexander: Why do I have to pull this dumb rickshaw? Alexandra: Because dear brother, when we're in danger, you can run faster than anyone. Alexander: Ohhhh, very funny!

  • Notes

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