Josie and the Pussycats

CBS (ended 1972)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 1/2/71
      The Pussycats are invited by a Countess to perform for her on her island estate, only to learn that they're going to be the test subjects for her creation--a mist that can make them very old!
    • 12/19/70
      In Lima, Peru, the Pussycats learn the people in a nearby village are being enslaved by space aliens from Jupiter to mine for diamonds. The Cats, too are enslaved, but escape and uncover the truth as to who they really are.
    • Spy School Spoof
      Episode 14
      After a messenger accidentally switches the Pussycats' music with the Laser's blueprints for a machine that can control others, they wind up being pursued by his men in efforts to get them back. When the gang try to mail themselves with the blueprints to the World Scientist Foundation, its proper destination, they get taken instead to the Laser's hideout where they have to think fast, pretending to be spy school teachers for his men in order to divert them from their ultimate goal of ruling the world.moreless
    • 12/5/70
      In Paris, France, the Pussycats are entrusted with a special black box left by a secret agent that's desired by the Shadow and his evil henchmen, leading them to be pursued all around the world!
    • 11/28/70
      In Hawaii, the Hawk and his henchmen pursue the Pussycats after a scientist downloads a special forcefield formula--into Melody's brain of all places!
    • 11/21/70
      A mix-up of coins leads to danger when a toy magnate known as the Serpent pursues the Pussycats in efforts to retrieve a unique coin in their possession so he can use it to uncover the secrets of an ancient Chinese temple his factory is built over. And they better watch out for he has an army of dangerous toys at his disposal!moreless
    • 11/14/70
      Landing on an island off the coast of Florida via hot air balloon, the Pussycats meet Dr. Strangemoon and learn of his plan of launching satellite rockets into orbit and using them to magnetically draw comets toward the Earth, crashing all over the planet. He then sends Alexander, Alexandra, and Melody up on one his rockets to carry out his diabolical plot. Can the others save them in time?moreless
    • 11/7/70
      Stranded on a remote island after their plane goes down, the gang encounter dinosaurs and human apes, created as a result of Dr. Madro's molecular reactor beam, which can change people and animals into any creature he chooses. To prove his point, he demonstrates his invention on Alexander, changing him into an ape, which he's already done to his former colleagues, guards, and the gang's pilot.moreless
    • 10/31/70
      In Holland, Melody is mistaken for a secret agent and receives purple wooden clogs that contain a microfilm detailing a mission in which a master of disguise known as the Mastermind intends to steal an anti-gravity device from a scientists' symposium. It's up to the Pussycats get the device first and put a stop to his plans.moreless
    • 10/24/70
      In Mexico, an agent for the evil Scorpion sneaks nuclear pellets into Melody's drum in order to evade customs. When other agents try to retrieve it by stealing the drum later, the Pussycats give chase, and get the drum back, only for some to be captured and brought to the Scorpion's hideout, where he reveals his plan of taking over the world with his weather machine!moreless
    • X Marks the Spot
      Episode 6
      In London, the friendly scientist Professor Issac Belfour sneaks onboard the Pussycats' bus and tells them of his rogue assistant, Mr. X, who used the professor's new formula to make himself invisible and seeks the paper that has the exact details of the antidote he's created. They agree to help him hide it, but not before Mr. X uses his newfound ability to capture three of the gang and the others have to rescue them.moreless
    • The Midas Mix-Up
      Episode 5
      While on a combination gig and ski trip, The Pussycats stumble into a plot where the evil scientist Dr. Midas plans to rid the world of all its gold with a special micromist.
    • Swap Plot Flop
      Episode 4
      The Pussycats are presented a chance to play before royalty in a desert kingdom. They, however, are only interested in Valerie because she looks almost identical to their Princess Milwila, who has been kidnapped by the Evil Eye. Valerie accepts the offer to help and takes her place until she is found. But she gets kidnapped as well, along with Melody who's hypnotized by the Evil Eye. The rest of the gang pursue and enact a crazy rescue plan as music and chase scenes follow as they find out who's behind the Evil Eye.moreless
    • 9/26/70
      The Pussycats get themselves into an espionage adventure as they stumble upon a secret society that seeks world domination by kidnapping political leaders and replacing them with members of their own who are able to impersonate them with a special formula they've invented called the Potion of a Thousand Faces.
    • After Alexandra tricks the gang onto the wrong flight from their gig in Nashville, the Pussycats end up being part of a cargo drop in the Amazon rainforest where they meet Dr. Greenthumb, a scientist who seeks to theaten all of Earth's plant life with his own breed of creature plants. Can the gang cut down his dreaded plans?moreless
    • 9/12/70
      While on a low-economy cruise to Pago Pago Island, the gang's ship is attacked and sunk by Captain Nemo's super submarine. The great-grandson of the original Nemo reveals his plans of using his sub to sink any ship in his path in order to rule the seas. After being captured and dropped to the bottom of the ocean, the Pussycats escape, locate Nemo's headquarters on Volcano Island and set out to stop his plans in their unusual, madcap fashion.moreless