Josie and the Pussycats

Season 1 Episode 10

Strangemoon Over Miami

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 14, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Alan tries to stop the hot air balloon from taking off, the closeup shot of his foot shows his sock colored gray. But in the next shot when Alexander tries to help him, the sock is colored the same shade of blue as his shirt.

    • Goof: The guard that greets the Pussycats on the island was first seen with no moustache. But when he reports to Dr. Strangemoon, he has one.

    • Goof: When the Pussycats throw the others down the laundry chute, Alexander's glasses are missing as they go down, but are back on his face in the next shot.

    • Goof: When Valerie points out Sebastian when he seems to be switching over to Strangemoon's group, her hand is pale-colored.

    • Goof: When Valerie takes control of the rocket the others are stuck on and it begins to rapidly descend to Earth, Alexandra's ponytail is missing.

    • Goof: The guard with the moustache is missing from the final chase scene.

  • Quotes

    • Alexandra: Well, now that we're here, where are we?
      Alan: I don't know, but I bet nobody's ever been here before.
      Melody: Somebody's been here before, 'cause here are his shoes. (looks up and sees a Strangemoon guard) And look, he's still in them! (giggles)
      Guard: What are you doin' here?! This is the property of Dr. Strangemoon.
      Melody: Well, don't ask me. Ask that silly balloon. (giggles)

    • Josie: (to the Strangemoon guard) Uh, we're the Pussycats, sir, a musical group. And we were playing a gig in the balloon at the World Expo.
      Valerie: Until it flipped its moorings.
      Guard: Then I suggest you get back in your balloon and take off. For your own good!
      Alexandra: Listen, buster. Nobody orders me around. We'll leave when we're good and ready!
      Alexander: (carries her away) We're ready! We're ready!
      Melody: She's really very nice when you get to know her. (laughs and leaves)

    • Dr. Strangemoon: (looks out the window) A perfect day for the launch. (he then sees...) A BALLOON!
      Guard: It's nothin', Dr. Strangemoon.
      Dr. Strangemoon: What?!
      Guard: It was just a musical group from the expo who landed here accidentally.
      Dr. Strangemoon: You fool! They were probably sent here to spy on me! They must be stopped, or my plans could be ruined! SOUND THE ALARM!!

    • Alexandra: (hiding in Alan's clothing basket with him) Oh, Alan, isn't this romantic?
      Alan: Let me outta here! (he jumps out of his basket and hides in Alexander's)

    • Dr. Strangemoon: At last, my satellites are ready to be launched. Once in orbit, they will attract fiery comets, which will cause worldwide disasters, and I alone will control them.
      Guard: You'll be the most powerful man on Earth, Dr. Strangemoon.
      Dr. Strangemoon: Precisely. We launch tonight! (laughs evilly)

    • (In the capsule, Alexander, Alexandra, and Melody float inside, weightless)
      Melody: Whee! Look at me! I can float!
      Alexander: Hey! So can I! What's going on?
      Alexandra: Simple, simple! We're weightless in outer space!
      Alexander: Great! Now how are we gonna get back to Earth?
      Melody: Anybody got a ladder? (giggles)

    • Dr. Strangemoon: I must regain control of the capsule, or my plans will fail!
      Alan's voice: You will fail, Strangemoon!
      Guard: Doctor, look! (they notice Josie, Sebastian, and Alan disguised as space aliens)
      Dr. Strangemoon: Who are you?!
      Alan: (speaking robotic) We are from Mars. I am Tic, (points to Sebastian) this is Tac, (points to Josie) and this is Toe.
      Dr. Strangemoon: Tic?! Tac?! Toe?!
      Alan: Yes.
      Josie: Your capsule has broken the laws of space, and now you must be punished!
      Dr. Strangemoon: Punished?!
      Alan: Yes!

    • (The capsule spins around in space)
      Alexander: Help! Let me outta here!
      Alexandra: Will you pipe down so I can straighten this thing out?! Maybe this'll do it.
      (she pushes the handlebars up, which stablizes the capsule straight up, while still moving)
      Alexander: Hey! You did it, sis!
      Alexandra: Naturally. What did you expect?

    • (Alexandra tries pushing buttons on the control panel to try and bring the capsule back down)
      Alexandra: I gotta stop. I'll get us down.
      (suddenly, the controls blow a fuse, and the capsule goes out of control)
      Alexandra: YEOW!!!
      Melody: Help! Help!
      Alexander: Stop this crazy thing, Alexandra! I'M GETTIN' SEASICK!!!
      (Back on the island, Dr. Strangemoon notices the situation on the screen)
      Dr. Strangemoon: Impossible! Something's gone wrong!

    • (The space capsule stops and drops down to Earth, via Valerie's rewiring)
      Alexander: Now you've done it, Alexandra! We're gonna crash!!
      Alexandra: I didn't do anything. This thing is flying itself!
      Melody: Gee, it's pretty smart, isn't it? (giggles)

    • (After the Pussycats' gig in the final scene)
      Alexander: That was great, gals! And thanks to me, you'll probably be superstars.
      Alan: Well, I'm not a star, Josie. But you sure make me twinkle.
      Josie: (giggles flirtatiously) Oh, Alan.
      Alexandra: (disgusted) Oh, brother. How corny can ya get?!

    • (Alexandra and Sebastian are hung up on a big ceramic star)
      Alexandra: Somebody get me down! Do something, you dingalings!
      Melody: Wowee! She hitched her wagon to the biggest star of the whole expo. (laughs)
      Alan: Don't go away, Alexandra! We'll get ya down!
      Alexandra: Hurry up with that ladder, you beanbags!
      Alexander: (sets up the ladder) We're hurrying! We're hurrying!
      Alexandra: Oooh! That Josie ends up with Alan, and I just end up hung up with... Sebastian! (who licks her face)
      Alexandra: Yuck! (Sebastian licks her again)

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