Josie and the Pussycats

Season 1 Episode 3

The Secret Six Secret

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 26, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: When the gang is waiting for Alexander with the rental car, Valerie is seen speaking with Josie's voice, when she says "Only it looks more like he made a little deal out of a little deal". Another voice goof occurs when Melody is speaking with Valerie's voice when the Secret Six group first chases her and Josie when she says "Wow, they're trying to shock it to us!"

    • Goof: When Alexander and the Pussycats first arrive outside the Secret Six temple, the sleeves of Josie's outfit are missing.

    • Goof: Josie speaks with Melody's voice in the scene she, Alan, and Alexandra are captured by the Secret Six when she says "Hey, it's the man who was on the plane with us".

    • Goofs: Valerie and Sebastian were missing toward the end of the chase scene when the gang and the Secret Six all wound up riding on large pigs. And notice after the gang trapped the thugs in a train car, Valerie's hand was pale when she's waving them goodbye with the others when the train pulls out.

  • Quotes

    • (When the gang stop outisde what's really the Secret Six temple)
      Melody: Wow! Is this our hotel?
      Josie: It must be. Alexandra gave us the directions.
      Valerie: That's what I'm afraid of!

    • Melody: Now, let's see. How do these wall beds work?
      Alexandra: You might try pulling it down.
      Melody: (laughs) I never thought of that. Thanks. (pulls the bed down) It's down. (the bed goes back up again) No. It's up.
      Alexandra: Can't you do anything right, Melody?! (pulls the bed back down again) There! It's simple. (the bed goes back up again)
      Melody: Isn't that fun?
      Alexandra: Well, no crummy bed is going to get the best of a Cabot! (Melody pulls the bed back down) I'll sit on the bed while you tie it to the floor. (sits) All set, Melody?
      Melody: Just as soon as I get the rope. (leaves, but the bed goes back up again, with Alexandra into the wall before Melody returns with the rope)
      Melody: Now, where did Alexandra go?
      Alexandra: Help! Help! (muffled dialogue)
      (Melody pulls the bed back down, and sees Alexandra inside, upside down)
      Melody: What are you doing in there?
      Alexandra: I always sleep in wall beds this way, dingaling!
      (the bed goes back up again)
      Melody: (laughs) That's silly.

    • (After Alan saves Alexandra from the tiger)
      Alexandra: Oh Alan, you saved me! That deserves a big kiss! (Trips over Alexander, who fainted)
      Alexander: What happened?
      Alexandra: The next time you decide to faint, do it by an open window!

    • (When Alexandra gets soaked from digging out the loose stone that was dripping water)
      Josie: As an escpe artist, it looks like you are all washed up, Alexandra!

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