Josie and the Pussycats

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  • Season 1 Episode 6: X Marks the Spot

  • Goof: How is it that the clothes of those who drink the invisibility formula turn invisible (or partially invisible) when they do? Technically, they shouldn't.

  • Goofs: When three of the gang are captured by Mr. X's henchmen, Alexandra is seen writing the invisibility antidote on her brother's left foot. Later, when she tries to make the formula, she's reading it off his right foot, which looks very large in the closeup shot. Afterward, when Alexander drank what turns out to be a bravery potion, his missing shoe is back on his foot without any indication he put it back on.

  • Goof: When Alan, Josie, and Valerie wind up being below Alexander, Melody, and Alexandra in the castle just as they're about to find them, Valerie is briefly pale-skinned.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Swap Plot Flop

  • Goof: Just after the gang enter the gated city, Alexander's shirt is briefly seen as the same shade of blue as Alan's.

  • Goof: When Alexandra ruins Alan's plan of tipping over the large pot in an effort to stop Valerie's kidnapping, the line "Look out! It'll fall on us!" looks like it's being said by Alan, but with Alexander's voice.

  • Goof: After Melody tipped over the truck's rear leaving the others in the desert, Sebastian was still with her. But when the rest of the gang search for the Evil Eye's secret hideout, the cat is with them.

  • Goof: Just before Alexander discovers the way to enter the Evil Eye's secret hideout, the collar of his shirt is green instead of orange.

  • Goof: Early in the chase scene, Valerie is seen in her regular outfit and Princess Milwila isn't seen in the ATV. But toward the end, the latter eventually appears and Valerie is in her princess disguise.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: The Secret Six Secret

  • Goofs: When the gang is waiting for Alexander with the rental car, Valerie is seen speaking with Josie's voice, when she says "Only it looks more like he made a little deal out of a little deal". Another voice goof occurs when Melody is speaking with Valerie's voice when the Secret Six group first chases her and Josie when she says "Wow, they're trying to shock it to us!"

  • Goof: When Alexander and the Pussycats first arrive outside the Secret Six temple, the sleeves of Josie's outfit are missing.

  • Goof: Josie speaks with Melody's voice in the scene she, Alan, and Alexandra are captured by the Secret Six when she says "Hey, it's the man who was on the plane with us".

  • Goofs: Valerie and Sebastian were missing toward the end of the chase scene when the gang and the Secret Six all wound up riding on large pigs. And notice after the gang trapped the thugs in a train car, Valerie's hand was pale when she's waving them goodbye with the others when the train pulls out.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: A Greenthumb Is Not a Gol...

  • Goof: Alexander's glasses fall off when he reacts to his sister tricking them onto the wrong flight. When confronting her in the next shot, they're right back on his face without even though he wasn't seen picking them up.

  • Goof: After the gang fall when Alexandra causes Josie to open the automatic door, Valerie's skin is very pale in the next shot.

  • Goof: Alexander's glasses don't fall off when Melody accidentally hits him with a potted plant, but in the next shot, they're off his face.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Nemo's a No No Affair

  • Goof: Valerie's face and skin are seen as pale on two occasions. First, after Sebastian gets the gang free from the tubes underwater and they're floating in the ocean, and second, during the chase scene when she and Alexander are on the runaway boat as they're about to pick up the others.

  • Goof: At the beginning of the final scene, Alexander's shirt is colored the same shade of blue as Alan's.

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