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The Journal Editorial Report is a weekly American interview and panel discussion TV program on Fox News Channel, hosted by Paul Gigot, editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal. Prior to moving to Fox News, the show aired on PBS for 15 months, ending on December 2, 2005. Opening with a newsmaker of the week, Gigot usually interviews a guest for the first half of the program, asking questions related to the writings of the guest or a current event of interest to the guest. Following the guest segment, the program becomes a panel discussion of Wall Street Journal editorial writers giving their opinions on the political, economic, and cultural issues of the current week. The final segment labeled Hits and Misses lets the panelists speculate on what they believe will happen in the upcoming week.

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AIRED ON 8/29/2011

Season 2011 : Episode 08.29.11

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  • JER's True Colors Pretty Ugly .

    It was stated during last Saturday's show ( 5/10/14 )

    that any Tea Party candidate is undisciplined ,

    unworthy , and unelectable so , we should all

    follow in lock step anything the GOP dictates .

    That it is unreasonable for anyone to demand

    that the half baked , vacillating , John McCain

    like candidates be replaced by good solid

    , true conservatives . We were basically

    told that if we don't rubber stamp GOP

    picked candidates that we should shut

    up and sit down because , we're being

    ridiculous . I no longer have any respect

    for this show and especially not for

    Paul Gigot .moreless

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