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Journey to the Center of the Earth

ABC (ended 1967)


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Journey to the Center of the Earth

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"Journey To The Center Of The Earth" was a Saturday morning cartoon show which ran on ABC from 1967 to 1969. It was made by Filmation Studios. The show was based on a 1959 movie also called "Journey To The Center Of The Earth". The cartoon series was about the adventures of a group of explorers seeking the secrets that lay in the Earth's core. At this starting point, the adventure began when the group discovered the long lost trail of explorer Arnie Saccnusson, who had managed to find Professor Oliver Lindenbrook's hidden subterranean passage that led through a labyrinth of eerie caverns to the center of the Earth. Along with Professor Lindenbrook, the small group of explorers also included the Professor's niece Cindy, her classmate Alec McEwen, their tall and muscular guide Lars, and Lars pet duck, Gertrude. Complicating matters was the evil Count Saccnusson, Arnie's last living decendant. For selfish and self-serving reasons, the Count wanted to speed up his power-mad plan to use the Earth's core to promote his own agenda to conquer the world. Saccnusson ordered his monster-looking servant, Torg, to set off an explosion to stop Lindenbrook's expedition. But instead, the explosion sealed the only entrance to the trail, entrapping them all. So both groups struggled to survive and find a way to return to the Earth's surface. The cartoon series was a hit on Saturday mornings and the show was one of the first Saturday morning cartoon shows which had a continuing story in which the entire show would end when the characters would finally find what they were looking for or finally reaching the destination they were trying to get to.moreless
Ted Knight

Ted Knight

voice of Professor Oliver Lindenbrook/Count Saccunson

Pat Harrington Jr.

Pat Harrington Jr.

Alec McEwin / Torg / Lars / Gertrude (Lars' pet duck)

Jane Webb

Jane Webb

Cindy Lindenbrook

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