Was This "The Last Visitor?"

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    I remember back sometime in the late 60's, I may have seen part of "The Last Visitor."  The scene I saw showed a woman out on the street being menaced by a sinister shadowy figure.  So scared was she that she screamed, "No! No! Leave me alone!"  Can anyone else who has seen this confirm it for me?
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    I saw this recently... the scene you describe isn't familiar. The story of the Last Visitor is about a girl who goes to a seaside (Hastings) bed and breakfast for some relaxation. She is menaced by a shadowy figure who we are led to believe is the ex-husband of the landlady who owns the B&B... Most of the menacing goes on indoors apart from when she suspects it might be one of the other holiday makers who acts creepily towards her on the pier... But that is in daylight. I don't remember her being menaced outside apart from that scene. But the man doing the menacing is always shadowy... so maybe you imagined it was outside...
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