Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC
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Aeden Bennett returns to seek revenge on Dan. Dan travels after being shot and must survive to complete his mission in the past and return home.

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  • It starts with Katie and Dan discussing with Jack about his after club sports that they are doing at Zacks school, obviously Dan can't say for definate that he'll be home.moreless

    Katie and Zack leave for school, Dan is in the kitchen when in comes the realtor by the backdoor and then shoots Dan in the shoulder. He grovels around the floor as he backs away from the gunman. He then jumps, back into 1980, where he is in the yard of a young Aeden Bennett, he then stumbles out into the road, nearly gets hit by a car but then rushed into hospital, where he is patched up and then semi-rescued by Livia.

    Aeden in te present is unable to find Dan anywhere in the house, he searches it from top to bottom, but doesn't turn up anything. So he contacts Katie, pretends to be from the plumbers, convinces her that they have the wrong day and gets her to come back to the house to have as a hostage until Dan shows up, Aeden has the intention of going out in a blaze of glory.

    Dan ends up borrowing $5 from Livia in the passed and then getting a taxi back to the house, where he breaks in, finding a young Aeden locked in his room, he manages to persuade him that there are people and services available to him, for this kind of abuse that he is suffering. We find out that his father is a policeman and that Aeden is grounded, for telling his father that he hates his mother for leaving him with his father. Then Dad turns up, but before he can really get nasty or before he finds Dan, he gets called away back to duty.

    Aeden and Dan get to do some talking, before Dan collapses on the kitchen floor, young Aeden then helps Dan, Dan gets that look but explains that only because the Aeden in the future is going to harm his family is he being like this. Livia comes to the rescue once more. They are discussing things in the ambulance when they have a momnet of clarity, then both disappear, Dan to what appears to be a basketball court, Livia to the paper so she can meet up with Jack who is there.

    Aeden and Katie are semi playing happy families, albeit one sided, talking through every type of passed issue, some about his mum, she tries to make some lunch and he loses his temper slightly, but then they get interupted by the nosey FBI agent. Dan faces Aeden and goes through his version of Aeden's life, Katie is released, Jack covers Aeden and it is all ended peacefully, with the help of alot of police units.moreless
  • great episode

    This episode is the conclusion of a two part episode. A man from his past time travel return to the present and stalks Dan. He tracks him down to where he lives and makes his move when he is left alone inside the house. He shoots Dan and Dan vanishes. Dan goes back in time, and he finds a kid who is left inside his house. Dan figures out that this kid turns out to be Aeden Bennett. It's a really exciting episode. The stakes are raised for Dan. It's a really great episode. I really enjoyed this one, I can't wait for the next one.moreless
  • The consequences of Dan's actions finally come full circle in the latest riveting episode of "Journeyman."

    Based on all the talk of cancellation and of the possible not-airing of the season finale of Journeyman, I am starting to get really ticked off at NBC. Granted, before Journeyman started I had seen a few previews for it. But it has mostly been doomed from the start, thanks to a horrible time slot (Heroes lead-in notwithstanding, late Monday night is still immensely inconvenient) and shoddy promotion.

    That being said, the possible cancellation becomes all the more disheartening when Journeyman churns out episodes like this one. The acting, writing and storytelling of this episode were at a definite high point. More questions are revealed, and the storyline that began with the last episode wraps up nicely in a satisfying conclusion.

    One of Journeyman's biggest strengths is that it is unpredictable. Given the nature of the show, a lot of liberties could be taken with the storylines and how certain consequences play out--mostly because of Dan's ability to simply "erase" everything by changing a certain event in the past. However, the writers have let Dan's consequences play out normally, and the results are much more satisfying.

    The portrayal of Aeden Bennett by both the young and old actors in this episode is excellent. It takes real talent to hate and feel sympathy for a character at the exact same time. You know that he is a messed up psychopath, yet seeing his backstory revealed gives the audience a much bigger insight into why he is the way he is.

    The time travel aspect got even more interesting as well, with Jack finally being let in on the secret (although he has a lot more to find out). The re-appearance of Livia in the present was both surprising and influential. The investigations of the recently-discovered-to-be rogue FBI agent yielded interesting results as well. The conclusions he drew seemed to allude to the fact that someone higher up in the government has some suspicions on the subject of time travel. This should play out nicely in the episodes to come.

    Basically, that's all I have to say. It will be a crying shame if this show is cancelled, because it has been so wonderful over the past few weeks, becoming one of my new favorite shows of the season (despite a slow start). Perhaps NBC will realize that it cannot let this show go, and keep it going. Either way, Journeyman has had an exceptional run.moreless
  • The past comes back to shoot Dan...

    This was a nice episode and it flowed well off of the previous episode. I liked that it just started and went into the action right away. The actor that plays the bad guy was great and he played out the emotion of the character really well.

    Kidd played the role of the hurt hero really well and his scenes played out perfectly.

    I liked the storyline over all and thought it was a good addition to the show. (SPOILER) Having the FBI agent killed off right after all the time traveling stuff has been discovered was a little bit of a let down for me. I was looking forward to any more information he could have given seeing as he knew more about what was going on than he let on. At least that whole thing led to Dan's brother knowing the secret now. It will be nice having him available to help on missions from now on.

    I really hope that this show is given more of a chance to bloom. I'm still holding out that they will give it a full season.moreless
  • Review

    Very well put together episode with Dan tracking Bennet this time, not the girls like he was in the previous episode. We learned a little bit of what happens when Dan goes off cource. It seems that if he does what he is supposed to do then nothing about his life will be changed in that way. This time around, when he changed Aeden, nothing bad is going to happen to his family like it did in the last epsiode. I thought the episode was very well written, aside from needing to obviously give the writers a little leeway as Dan is in the past for a couple of hours and everything with his wife and Bennet happens in the span of less then an hour. Other then that though, Jack finnaly sees Livia and is stunned so I think the interactions between Jack and Dan in the next episode are going to be pretty big. I thought it was cool Livia was sent to track Jack, to save Dan. Overall, great episode...moreless
Raphael Sbarge

Raphael Sbarge

Aeden Bennett

Guest Star

Don Franklin

Don Franklin

Ed Macklin

Guest Star

Colin Ford

Colin Ford

Young Aeden Bennett

Guest Star

Paul Schulze

Paul Schulze

Agent Richard Garrity

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Hacked iPhone? Yes, when Dan faces the iPhone towards the screen you can clearly see more than the standard 1 icon in the fourth row down of icons.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Young Aeden: I know that face.
      Dan: What face?
      Young Aeden: The face that my dad makes before he's gonna hit me. Am I right? You wanna hurt me.
      Dan: Do you know why?
      Young Aeden: Why?
      Dan: Because when you grow up, you're gonna try to kill me. Maybe even hurt my family.

    • Jack: So far, I haven't seen any evidence that my brother's broken any laws.
      Garrity: Not unless you count the laws of physics. Do you have any idea what we're witnessing here? What this means?
      Jack: What this means?
      Garrity: What he knows and when he knows it could change... At least, it could make someone very, very wealthy.

    • Bennett: If you're calling the cops, Dan, I don't care. Because I'm ready to die today, Dan, right here is your beautiful, perfect little house. I expect to be taken out by SWAT with a headshot and bleed on your sisal and haunt you and your family for the rest of your life!

    • Livia: I die, you mourn, she comforts. You and Katie, you don't come together unless Livia and Dan come together first. She filled a vacuum I created.
      Dan: So, you could say your, your mission was to get us together.
      Livia: I'm starting to wonder.

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