Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • After my initial skepticism about Journeyman these last two episodes have really made up my mind. It's a fantastic show, let's hope they can keep it going.

    Following on from last weeks episode - in which Dan changed history by sending a would be child killer to jail and inadvertently put his family at risk - we pick up where we left off. Aeden Bennett (the would be child killer) is waiting outside Dan's house and is set on revenge. When he first sees Dan he shoots him, but in usual Dan Vasser style he disappears into the past and goes back to Bennett's childhood. The young Bennett helps the shot Dan, who in turn tries to help him escape from his abusive father. Although seriously wounded Dan makes it back to his house in the present to find Bennett has kidnapped his wife and killed the FBI agent looking into his past, or is that his future, or maybe his present... Anyway, Dan then uses this intimate knowledge he's acquired about Bennett's past and convinces him to give himself up, thus saving his and his wife's life. There are a few other things that happen but that's the crux of it. The main point I want to make is that I'm glad I've stuck with Journeyman, because the last two episodes have been fantastic and given the series real depth. I just hope these episodes weren't flashes in the pan and the producers will capitalise on what they've done so far and make the show even stronger.
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