Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • The consequences of Dan's actions finally come full circle in the latest riveting episode of "Journeyman."

    Based on all the talk of cancellation and of the possible not-airing of the season finale of Journeyman, I am starting to get really ticked off at NBC. Granted, before Journeyman started I had seen a few previews for it. But it has mostly been doomed from the start, thanks to a horrible time slot (Heroes lead-in notwithstanding, late Monday night is still immensely inconvenient) and shoddy promotion.

    That being said, the possible cancellation becomes all the more disheartening when Journeyman churns out episodes like this one. The acting, writing and storytelling of this episode were at a definite high point. More questions are revealed, and the storyline that began with the last episode wraps up nicely in a satisfying conclusion.

    One of Journeyman's biggest strengths is that it is unpredictable. Given the nature of the show, a lot of liberties could be taken with the storylines and how certain consequences play out--mostly because of Dan's ability to simply "erase" everything by changing a certain event in the past. However, the writers have let Dan's consequences play out normally, and the results are much more satisfying.

    The portrayal of Aeden Bennett by both the young and old actors in this episode is excellent. It takes real talent to hate and feel sympathy for a character at the exact same time. You know that he is a messed up psychopath, yet seeing his backstory revealed gives the audience a much bigger insight into why he is the way he is.

    The time travel aspect got even more interesting as well, with Jack finally being let in on the secret (although he has a lot more to find out). The re-appearance of Livia in the present was both surprising and influential. The investigations of the recently-discovered-to-be rogue FBI agent yielded interesting results as well. The conclusions he drew seemed to allude to the fact that someone higher up in the government has some suspicions on the subject of time travel. This should play out nicely in the episodes to come.

    Basically, that's all I have to say. It will be a crying shame if this show is cancelled, because it has been so wonderful over the past few weeks, becoming one of my new favorite shows of the season (despite a slow start). Perhaps NBC will realize that it cannot let this show go, and keep it going. Either way, Journeyman has had an exceptional run.