Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • It starts with Katie and Dan discussing with Jack about his after club sports that they are doing at Zacks school, obviously Dan can't say for definate that he'll be home.

    Katie and Zack leave for school, Dan is in the kitchen when in comes the realtor by the backdoor and then shoots Dan in the shoulder. He grovels around the floor as he backs away from the gunman. He then jumps, back into 1980, where he is in the yard of a young Aeden Bennett, he then stumbles out into the road, nearly gets hit by a car but then rushed into hospital, where he is patched up and then semi-rescued by Livia.

    Aeden in te present is unable to find Dan anywhere in the house, he searches it from top to bottom, but doesn't turn up anything. So he contacts Katie, pretends to be from the plumbers, convinces her that they have the wrong day and gets her to come back to the house to have as a hostage until Dan shows up, Aeden has the intention of going out in a blaze of glory.

    Dan ends up borrowing $5 from Livia in the passed and then getting a taxi back to the house, where he breaks in, finding a young Aeden locked in his room, he manages to persuade him that there are people and services available to him, for this kind of abuse that he is suffering. We find out that his father is a policeman and that Aeden is grounded, for telling his father that he hates his mother for leaving him with his father. Then Dad turns up, but before he can really get nasty or before he finds Dan, he gets called away back to duty.

    Aeden and Dan get to do some talking, before Dan collapses on the kitchen floor, young Aeden then helps Dan, Dan gets that look but explains that only because the Aeden in the future is going to harm his family is he being like this. Livia comes to the rescue once more. They are discussing things in the ambulance when they have a momnet of clarity, then both disappear, Dan to what appears to be a basketball court, Livia to the paper so she can meet up with Jack who is there.

    Aeden and Katie are semi playing happy families, albeit one sided, talking through every type of passed issue, some about his mum, she tries to make some lunch and he loses his temper slightly, but then they get interupted by the nosey FBI agent. Dan faces Aeden and goes through his version of Aeden's life, Katie is released, Jack covers Aeden and it is all ended peacefully, with the help of alot of police units.